Describe a person who wears unusual clothes


Describe a person who wears unusual clothes


Describe a person who wears unusual clothes.

You should say
Who is he/she?
How do you know him/her?
What kind of clothes he/she wears?
Why do you consider that his/her clothing choices are weird?

Sample Answer


  • Clothing is an integral part of our personality.
  • Most people do not experiment with their dress-up they go with the latest vogue.
  • However, certain people have this uncanny knack of wearing unusual clothes.

Who is he/she? and How do you know him/her?

  • My friend Tina always tries to wear unorthodox clothing.
  • We met at a fashion show last year.
  • She is 21 years old, and her dream is to become a supermodel.

What kind of clothes he/she wear? , and Why do you consider that his/her clothing choices are weird?

  • She is a maverick person who doesn’t like other advice.
  • She reflects this attitude of her’s in her clothing.
  • Every time she comes with a different style of carrying clothes.
  • Due to this attitude, she has carved out a niche for herself in the fashion arena.
  • Last month she won a beauty pageant because of this quality of hers.
  • The show was about fusion in fashion, where the participants needed to do experimentation with their dressing.
  • What she did was, she wore the trouser of her dad and shirt of her sister.
  • When she had told me that she would dress up in this way for the event, I was perplexed. I advised her not to do such kind of experiment in front of a big crowd.
  • But as usual, she did not pay any heed to my words and carried on.
  • To my surprise, when I saw her on the ramp, she was looking gorgeous.
  • That award led to a paradigm shift in her confidence and performance.
  • Although she is a budding model, her distinct style has moved her career towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Sample Answer 2


  • I am simple regarding my clothing choices, and I do not wear bright colours
  • I do have a friend who has this strange habit of carrying an unusual wardrobe.

Who is he/she? and How do you know him/her?

  • Her name is Tina
  • She is my next-door neighbour.

What kind of clothes he/she wear? ,and Why do you consider that his/her clothing choices are weird?

  • She doesn’t follow the usual patterns in terms of clothing.
  • For example, every Monday, she wears a fluorescent colour skirt with a magenta colour top.
  • Her style of carrying clothes is not unique but also weird.
  • Being the only child of her parents, she is a pampered girl
  • She believes that by wearing strange clothes, she can look different and grab more eyeballs.
  • Being a singer, she needs to have a huge fan following to get more business.
  • Therefore, she has developed this new technique of getting noticed.
  • To my surprise, her audience likes this style of her.
  • Many of her followers adore her for her unique dressing style 
  • Some of them say that they seek flashes of inspiration from her.
  • According to them, she is not only a melodious singer but also a fashion diva
  • Although her fan base is growing at a rampant pace, her style doesn’t sound convincing.
  • God has blessed her with enticing looks by dressing up weirdly, she is going on a wrong trajectory
  • She should polish her singing skills to grow her fan base.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a person who wears unusual clothes”.

1. Where do people from your country buy clothes?

Most of the people in my nation buy clothes from the local markets and shopping malls. A small section of society purchases clothes online.

2.What’s the difference between men and women choices of clothes?

Majority of women prefer to wear colourful clothing whereas men usually choose to wear mainly 3-4 colours.

3. Do clothes affect people’s mood?

It is a well-known fact that people feel more confident when they wear their favourite clothes. On the other hand, their morale declines when they do not wear the attire of their choice.

4.What do people consider when buying clothes?

Before making a prudent decision on buying a wardrobe, people usually have three things in mind. Firstly the price of the article they wish to purchase. Secondly, whether it will suit their personality or not. And, lastly, the clothing they have chosen is in trend or not.

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