Describe an article on health you read in a magazine or on the internet

Describe an article on health you read in a magazine or on the internet

Describe an article on health you read in a magazine or on the internet


Describe an article on health you read in a magazine or on the internet

You should say
What it was?
Where you read it?
Why you read it?
And how you felt about it?

Sample Answer


What the article was? , and when and where you read it?

  • Due to the corona pandemic, my country was in a state of lockdown in the year 2020.
  • During that time, my health suffered a lot as I gained a lot of weight.
  • To take care of my health, I read a lot of content during that time.
  •  Since I was getting confused with a lot of information available on the internet.
  •  On my friend’s suggestion, I read an article by famous fitness expert Dr Rimple Sharma’s.

What did you learn from the article?

  • The article has knowledge that is beyond the conventional domain.
  • According to Dr Rimple Sharma, the contribution of exercise in weight loss is just 20 per cent.
  • To effectively lose weight, one should focus on his/her diet.
  •  Because if you manage your diet, it’s guaranteed that you will lose weight.

Explain why you think it is a good or bad article?

  • Initially, I thought that the knowledge given in the article is incorrect.
  • Because as per gym instructors and other fitness experts, we can lose weight by putting tremendous efforts into exercise.
  • So I was in a state of confusion regarding which way I should follow to lose weight.
  • Since I had joined the gym many times and didn’t get many benefits.
  • I decided to follow the advice of Dr Rimple Sharma.
  • To my surprise, I lost almost 20 kgs weight in 6 months.
  • Moreover, I started feeling more confident and energetic.
  • So I can say the article is good and everyone must read it.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe an article on health you read in a magazine or on the internet”.

1. Why is it that different people want to see different magazines?

As far as reading magazines is concerned different people have different choices due to their varied interests. To begin with, children their liking is for sports magazines whereas young adults have more inclination towards technology and finance related magazines. 

2. What type of magazines do teens prefer to read?

Teenagers prefer to read magazines related to sports and fashion.

3. What is the distinction between information on TV and information in magazines?

The vital difference is that the content in magazines is updated on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, whereas information available on tv is updated frequently.

4. Do folks like to read the information on the World Wide Web?

Young people choose to procure information on the World Wide Web. They’re well familiar with the new technologies. The Internet provides them with seamless connectivity with a plethora of content to read. 

5. Do people still purchase magazines in your own country?

Although technology has made inroads in the lives of people, magazines still have their charm. A large section of society comprising people from all walks of life still pay excessive heed to procure information from the magazines. 

6. Do you feel the people now are healthier than people previously?

In my opinion people, these days are less healthy as compared to the people from the past. Because nowadays a large section of society follows sedentary lifestyle. Apart from this, due to fierce competition, people have a hectic schedule. And lack of time encourages them to eat junk food from outside, which is counterproductive for their health and well-being.

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