Describe a photo of yourself that you like (or you have taken).

Describe a photo of yourself that you like (or you have taken).

You should say

When was it taken?

Where was it taken?

Who took it? Or How you took it?

Explain how you felt about the photo.

Model Answer


  • Photographs are a reliable medium to preserve our memories’ lifetime.
  • I love clicking pictures, and whenever I look at my old clicks, I feel nostalgic.
  • Last year I purchased a DSLR camera from my first salary to especially click a photograph of mine.

When and where was it taken?

  • Six months back, one of my friends clicked this picture at her office.

How you took it? 

I didn’t make any special arrangements to do it.

I just dimmed the lighting.

To have a perfect background, I chose the reception area of her office.

Since I have implicit faith in the photography skills of Dr Rimple Sharma, I requested her to click my picture.

This picture is hung on the main wall of my living room.

Explain how you felt about the photo

This photograph is quite close to my heart because, in this, I look fit and healthy.

Six months back, I used to be a bulky person. I tried many techniques to lose weight, but I was unable to get success.

On my friend’s recommendation, I took the services of Dr Rimple Sharma for weight loss.

She suggested me to focus on my diet. She told me that for weight loss, the contribution of exercise is just 20 per cent and for remaining fit, we should lay excessive focus on our diet.

She suggested me to take all meals between 7 am to 7 pm, and to chew every bite at least 32 times.

Her pieces of advice sounded easy but were very difficult to implement. However, I had persisted and managed to achieve my goal.

After achieving the target to lose weight, I wanted to capture the moment of success.

Hence, I get a picture clicked of myself so that the goal achieved by me should always remain etched in my memories.

 This picture further reminds me that I can achieve goals in life by working with determination, dedication, and discipline.

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