Latest Cue Cards May to August 2023

Latest Cue Cards May to August 2023

Latest Cue Cards May to August 2023

1.Talk about something special that you would like to buy in the future

2.Describe a time when the internet did not solve your problem

3.Describe a time when you talked to a foreign tourist who was visiting your country

4.Describe a shop near where you live that you sometimes use IELTS Cue Card

5.Describe an important choice you had to make in your life IELTS Cue Card

6.Describe someone you know who is very brave IELTS Cue Card

7.Describe a joke that made you laugh

8.Describe an occasion when you walked barefoot for long hours

9.Describe a mobile phone application you used to learn a new skill

10.Describe a park which has changed a lot in recent years

11.Describe a time when you decorated your home

12.Describe a Popular Place for Sports

13.Describe a Flower you received as a Gift

14.Describe an occasion when someone said something positive about your work

15.Describe a time when you had a bad experience with your teacher

16.Describe a meeting in which you were a speaker

17.Describe an interesting tv program about science

18.Describe a Rule you like to Follow

19.Describe a Bad Weather Experience

20.Describe your Favorite Beverage

21.Describe an International Problem

22.Describe a time when you invested money and got good returns

23.Describe a time when you used headphones for long hours

24.Describe a time when you provided support to an animal

25.Describe a time when you studied at your friend’s home for an exam

26.Describe a place which you showed to a foreigner in your hometown

27.Describe a time when you took a break from work/study

28.Describe something that you lost in a public place

29.Describe a food court you know

30.Talk about a Tv series you remember

31.Describe something which cannot be learned at school

32.Describe a Person who Works on Space Exploration

33.Describe a lesson you learnt

34.Describe a Musical Instrument that you Learnt/Play

35.Describe a Tourist Attraction of your Country

36.Describe a Friend Whose Talks You Find Interesting

37.Talk about a recent outing you had

38.Describe a time when you did running

39.Describe a time when you did a lengthy calculation without using a calculator

40.Describe the international music you like

41.Describe a water sport that you find challenging to try

42.Describe a Science class you enjoyed

43.Describe the place of great scenic beauty that you recently visited

44.Describe a situation when you laughed at the wrong moment

45.Describe an occasion when you spent time by yourself

46.Describe your favourite number