Describe an event in which you were unsuccessful.

Describe an event in which you were unsuccessful.


Describe an event in which you were unsuccessful.

Please say
– What was the situation?
– When did it happen?
– Why do you think it happened?
– What did you do about it?

Sample Answer and Follow Up Questions for the IELTS Cue Card “Describe an event in which you were unsuccessful


  • There is no denying this conviction that success moves our life towards an impressive growth trajectory.
  • Therefore we strive hard to gain success.
  • Although I have achieved success numerous times in my life, at one instance, I was unsuccessful.

What was the situation? and When did it happen?

  • After passing college, I was looking for a job to earn money for myself.
  • During that time, my college organised a mega job fair.
  • The purpose of this fair was to provide campus recruitment to the students.
  • To take my career to the right path, I decided to participate in that job fair.
  • Many multinational companies were a part of that job fair
  • Despite my best efforts during the interviews, I didn’t get a job from any company.

Why do you think it happened?

  • After getting rejected from all the companies, I was in a state of bewilderment.
  • One of my teachers was a part of the interview panel.
  • Since that teacher was close to me, she immediately came to console me after seeing my facial expressions.
  • She told me that the reason for my rejection was not my knowledge.
  • I did not clear any of the interviews because of my average communication skills. 

What did you do about it?

  • After getting the feedback from my teacher, I had a sigh of relief.
  • As I had come to know the problem, I decided to find a solution.
  • The very next day, I enrolled myself on Rimple’s English Classes.
  • That’s a renowned English academy.
  • It provides both offline and online coaching.
  • I took three months of training.
  • During that period, my trainer worked in tandem with me to improve my performance.
  • After the training period, there was a paradigm shift in my confidence.
  • I applied for a job with a renowned multinational company in my area.
  • To my surprise, I got selected on the first attempt.
  • To conclude, that unsuccessful experience had prompted me to work on myself, and it changed my life.
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