Describe a famous celebrity from your nation who you admire.

You should say: 

  • who this person is
  • what type of celebrity this person is
  • describe the reasons behind this person’s success

and elaborate why you have so much admiration for this person.

I have a long list of favorite celebrities. Choosing a single one is a daunting task for me.

One of my favorite celebrities whom I admire is not an actor/actress but a sportsperson. His name is Virat Kohli. He is the current captain of the Indian cricket team across all the formats. Although he is extremely successful, he is very down to earth. Despite a humble beginning, he has made a mark of himself in the international arena.

The reason for his success is his relentless attitude. He always works with dedication, determination, and discipline. He lost his father at an early age, but that unfortunate incident didn’t deter his confidence. When he made an entry into the Indian cricket team, he was not that successful, although he had given a few notable performances. In one of the tours to England, he failed miserably, and that tour was the turning point in his life. After that tour, he made a paradigm shift in his approach towards the game and started laying excessive focus on his fitness. He has a great fan following.

Unlike other sports, cricket is too demanding. A player has to play three different formats to become successful. Virat Kohli has this uncanny knack of doing good in all the given circumstances. He is the best batsman in contemporary cricket who can change his batting technique according to the need of the game with tremendous ease. In one of the matches against the West Indies cricket team, the bowler tried to tease him. The ulterior motive of the bowler was to disturb the concentration of Kohli. But the bowler’s plan misfired because King Kohli made an international bowler look like a club bowler. He hit the bowler all over the ground and led India to a thumping victory against west indies.

The preponderant reason for admiring him is that I seek flashes of inspiration from him whenever I go through a lean patch in my life. He is a source of inspiration for the youth, and he has left no stone unturned to get what he desires.

Whenever he would come to play a match in my hometown Mohali, I will surely meet him.

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