Describe a time when you were surprised to meet a friend.

Describe a time when you were surprised to meet a friend



Describe a time when you were surprised to meet a friend.

You should say:
Where it was?
Who you met?
When was it?
Why were you surprised?


  • Since my childhood, I have this habit of giving surprises to my near and dear ones.
  • I get a feel of joy and excitement while doing this.
  • However, I feel happier and jubilant when others surprise me. 

Where it was? and When was it? and Who you met?

  • Six months back, I got a surprise from one of my friends.
  • My friend Tina visited my place after a gap of 6 months. The surprising part was her new look with a considerable weight-loss.

Why were you surprised?

  • Tina is an intelligent person, and I always seek flashes of inspiration from her.
  •  She was quite well-settled in her career. However, she used to feel depressed because of being obese.
  • She tried very hard to lose weight without much success.
  • Last year she left her job and our city too.
  • When I saw her that day, it was nothing less than a good shock for me.
  • With her new looks, I was finding it quite difficult to recognize her.
  • I believed that she might have surrendered after trying so hard to lose weight.
  • But that girl worked with determination, dedication and discipline.
  • Post weight loss she started looking not only slim but also gorgeous.
  • Another reason for being surprised was that for the last six years I too have been trying extremely hard to lose weight, But I haven’t got any success yet.
  • So my best friend’s changed look was a delightful surprise for me.
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