Describe a mistake you have made.

Describe a mistake you have made


Describe a mistake you have made.

You should say:
What it is?
When you made it?
How you made it?
How did you feel about it?

Sample answer


  • Being an adventurous person, I have made too many mistakes in my life.
  • Had I been a little careful, I could have avoided those mistakes.
  • Whenever I look at those mistakes with hindsight, I realize that those mistakes present valuable life lessons for me.

How you made it?

  • The biggest mistake I made was I did not follow the advice given by others concerning a growing IT field that is Digital Marketing.
  • Many people suggested me to shift to digital marketing from the conventional methods to promote my business.
  • Many of my competitors also started laying excessive focus on alternative means to promote their business.
  • However, I ignored it and kept on doing business, with the traditional methods of marketing.
  • The world was changing, but I was adamant
  • This stubborn attitude worked against me.
  • During the last two years, my competitors had grown by leaps and bounds, whereas my business took a dip.

How did you feel about it?

  • That tactful mistake put me in a state of depression. 
  • I had started doubting my credentials, and once I thought of winding up my business.
  • But with time, I came out of depression.
  • Now, whenever I look back at the miscalculation done by me, I take it as a learning.
  • That fail has brought a paradigm shift in my life. I have learned a valuable lesson that always welcomes the change coming in your life.
  • In our lives, we get into a comfort zone and whenever a change comes into our lives. We try to resist that change.
  • So a big lesson I have learned from the awful mistake I have committed is that we should always be ready to challenge ourself.
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