Describe an energetic person that you know

IELTS Speaking: Cue Card

Describe an energetic person that you know.

 You should say

 Who is this person?

 How do you know this person?

 Why do you think this person is energetic?

 And explain how you feel about this person?


· As per my experience energetic persons are those who are always full of enthusiasm, and they have this ability to transfer their energy into others

· Although I know a plethora of energetic persons, one person is special to me.

Who is this person?

  • Her name is Dr Rimple Sharma
  • She works as a dietician.
  • She stays with her parents.

Why do you think this person is energetic?

She is the kind of person who remains charged throughout the day.

 Before her arrival, our neighbourhood used to be full of obese people.

Being a dietitian, she has singlehandedly taken the responsibility of improving the fitness of people staying in our vicinity.

She started offering free yoga classes and nutrition lessons, but initially, people were apprehensive regarding her techniques for fitness.

Many people tried to demotivate her, but she persisted with determination, dedication and discipline.

After three months, those people who had  joined her classes experienced significant weight loss.

This development encouraged others too to join her classes.

She usually starts her day at 5 am. After finishing the household work, she reaches her clinic at 9 am. She attends more than 100 clients every day and gets free at around 7 pm.

From 7:30-9:00 pm, she offers free yoga and diet counselling sessions.

I often meet her twice in a day and what I have observed is that whether its early morning or late night, I see the same level of enthusiasm and energy in her.

It is because of the sheer enthusiasm she is basking in the glory of success.

She often comes with new ideas to break the monotony in her work.

How do you know this person?

She is my next-door neighbour, last year I joined her paid course to lose weight. And the day I had achieved my goal, I became her student.

And explain how you feel about this person?

She has bought a tremendous change in my life, and the quality time I have spent with her will always remain etched in my mind.

She is a support to me, and I would like to follow her footsteps to climb the ladder of success.

I wish her all the best for future endeavors.

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