Duolingo Speaking Presentation For 1-3 Minutes | Sample Questions & Answers

Duolingo Speaking Presentation For 1-3 Minutes | Sample Questions & Answers

Duolingo Speaking Presentation For 1-3 Minutes | Sample Questions & Answers

Topic: 1 Describe one of your childhood memories.

Sample Answer

Although I have numerous childhood memories, one is close to my heart. I vividly remember winning first prize in a poem recitation contest. It was a routine day, and I reached school in time.

The school organized a poem recitation contest that day, but I did not participate. I was keen to watch the competition as an audience member. However, destiny had a different plan for me. After the assembly, my class teacher came to me and told me that due to an unforeseen contingency, the contestant from my class would not participate in the competition.

Furthermore, the teacher told me I would recite a poem as a contestant in my class. I was reluctant, but the whole class cooperated with the teacher’s idea. Although I didn’t have any preparation, I decided to jump on the bandwagon with whatever poems I had in mind, and I shortlisted one of them for the competition.

I was nervous when the competition started, and my turn was third. When the host announced my name, I left all stress behind and entered the stage with determination, dedication, and discipline. I started reciting the poem with concentration. At that time, no other thought came to mind. The performance lasted for five minutes, and in the end, the audience applauded my effort.

After that, I watched the performances of other contestants with keen interest. The competition lasted for three hours, and the award ceremony took place. I gave a decent performance, but others were better than me. Therefore, I didn’t expect to get the award, but my classmates and teacher were hopeful. To their joy, I won second place.

After my name was announced, my class was in a state of euphoria. My teacher was on cloud nine and told me she was 100 per cent confident in my ability, so she took my name for participation.

That day was remarkable and brought a paradigm shift because my confidence doubled. Earlier, I didn’t have much confidence, and I was afraid of public speaking. That one performance gave me confidence, and from that day onward, I participated in numerous competitions.

In a nutshell, that day would always remain etched in my memories.

Topic:-2 Describe a happy event in your life.

Sample Answer

We have had numerous happy events; however, some are etched in our memories. Today, I will describe an event that brought a paradigm shift in my life. It was the arrival of my brother from Canada. I have an emotional bond with my brother.

When he left for higher studies in Canada, I was in disarray. He planned to return in 2020, but there was a lockdown worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic. International flights were halted, and my brother could not come. Although we used to chat online, that cannot replace in-person conversations.

Therefore, when the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic nosedived, I breathed a sigh of relief. My brother was keen on meeting us, so he immediately devised a plan. To make his homecoming memorable, I made numerous arrangements.

Firstly, I invited all our near-dear ones, including our neighbours and relatives, to make that night remarkable. To pamper guests’ appetites, I booked the best caterer in our city, who made numerous mouth-watering delicacies to exercise our taste buds.

Moreover, I booked a DJ for a dance performance. My brother’s friends gave a stunning performance. One of my friends mimicked all my family members, and we laughed loudly during his performance.

The function was about to end at 10 a.m., but the guests were unwilling to leave, so we continued with the DJ. The party finally ended at 2 a.m., but some guests stayed at our house.

Instead of sleeping, we all were busy chit-chatting, as my brother was interacting with his friends after a long time. He shared his experience in Canada and told them that settling in another nation is daunting. We must consider many factors before deciding to migrate to another country.

As culture differs from nation to nation, adjusting to a new place takes a lot of time. He further told us that working with determination, dedication, and discipline can lead our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory.

The event ended on a positive note.

Topic:-3 Describe a historical place that you know about.

Sample Answer

Although I have visited numerous historical places, one is worth mentioning. It is in north India, and its name is Pinjore. It is a small town on the foothills of the Himalayas.

There are many worth seeing historical places. The oldest is Bheema Devi Temple, which dates between the 8th and 11th centuries AD. It is an ancient Hindu temple whose uniqueness thrives primarily on the sculptures in the form of carved stones.

It was a hidden temple until 1974 when archaeological excavations brought it into the limelight. The local government has left no stone unturned to restore it, and slowly and steadily, it has become a cultural heritage. Tourists from worldwide visit this place to see the sculptures up close.

The next place worth seeing is a natural swimming pool called” Bauli”.As per the locals, there were more than 300 baulis in the past; however, only a few exist nowadays. One of the remaining ones is “Dhara Mandal”.The water inside it changes every morning without default. Due to this unique feature, it is a worthwhile place.

Last, the visit to Pinjore is incomplete without visiting the historical Pinjore Gardens. Under the rule of Mughal King Aurangzeb, this garden came into existence. He instructed his cousin Fidai Khan to construct this site for summer relaxation.

Pinjore Garden is a worthwhile place that makes you feel close to nature.

Topic:-4 A speech that somebody delivered and you heard.

Sample Answer

Last year, I attended a motivational seminar where Dr Rimple Sharma was the keynote speaker. The speech was on minimisation.

The speech started with the current lifestyle. These days, people thrive on using social media for entertainment. They seek flashes of inspiration from those who exhibit a celebrity-style lifestyle on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

To shine on social media, people do things beyond the conventional domain. They buy a boatload of things to showcase an opulent lifestyle in front of others. People go beyond their means and make impulsive purchases to keep their profiles looking good on social platforms.

After that, the speaker said that” more is better” is not worthwhile. According to her, we should practice minimisation in our lives, which means buying only those we use and not storing our houses with those articles we use once or twice.

In her opinion, buying things we do not use leads to negativity. We waste a sizeable portion of our time deciding what to use and what not, which leads to unnecessary stress that could jeopardize our well-being.

On the contrary, we can reap the full benefits when we do not have much stuff in our homes. We also save time because we need to search for fewer things. Hence, minimisation fosters productivity.

Moreover, minimisation leads to optimum space utilisation because not having extra things at home means more vacant space in our homes.

She finally concluded that we need to get out of the mindset that more is better. Focusing on fewer items can bring about a paradigm shift in our lives and lead to an impressive growth trajectory.

Topic:-5 Talk about a hobby or activity you enjoy in your free time. How did you get started, and why did you like it?

Sample Answer

I like playing football very much, and I always play football during my leisure time. Whenever I have free time, I play football. I started playing football once when my dad bought me a football, and I just kicked and tried it. I did not know how to play it, so I searched online and found out how to play it. After exploring and studying it online, I just started playing it and felt very nice.

Then, after a few days, I started playing. I found many friends here who were playing football together, and I also became friends with them and started playing football together in that crowd. We all play, now we all play football together whenever we come back from school, and we like playing football, which is also my favourite game.

Topic:-6 Discuss the importance of communication in today’s world. How has technology affected the way we communicate?

Sample Answer

Communication is paramount nowadays because everyone sits and looks at their phone whenever they have free time. Few people communicate offline; most only communicate online, texting through many apps. So, individuals communicate less and don’t go and meet everyone. Instead, they call and talk to or message them about what they do.

    When I was not born, there were landline phones and only letters. Before that, people used to message with letters, which took many days to receive from the other person, and they also sent us back. It would take many weeks or months to reach here.

    So, those were the olden days when communication was challenging, and they would be pleased whenever they met. Nowadays, few people talk to each other offline and don’t send letters; everyone talks on the phone. They are not excited whenever they meet because they talk a lot over the phone. Every time they play together on the phone, online games, and so on, offline, they are not interested in playing games.

    Face communication has declined substantially, and technology has taken communication far away.

    Topic:-7 What is your favourite piece of technology and why? How has it improved your life and the lives of others?

    Sample Answer

    My favourite technology is my laptop because I usually use it to attend classes on my mobile phone. Participating in courses on my mobile phone was challenging because the screen was also tiny, and I needed help to see whatever the teacher was teaching.

    I was also not able to see if they wrote anything correctly. After I started using my laptop, I could see the screen; it was big, and I could see everything. I like using my computer because I can play games and text my friends. Whenever I am absent, I ask my friends for help from my lap.

      So I like my laptop very much, and it’s also beneficial for my studies. Whenever a teacher gives me a project and tells me to search online and find the answers, my laptop helps me do it very clearly. So my favourite piece of technology is my laptop.

      Topic:-8 Describe a place you have visited that significantly impacted you. What made the experience memorable?

      Sample Answer

      The place that had a significant impact on me was the museum which I visited. And in that museum, many things were there. There were many things about and written in ancient languages, and one guide told us what was written there. I was curious to learn that language because it sounded good, and I did not understand it.

      The guide taught us how to read it, which fascinated me. I just Googled it when I reached home after that, and I found that it was an ancient Egyptian language used in ancient times. After that, I started trying to learn it; I could not because I was not getting the correct words. So I tried my best but could not do it, and I thought I would do it if I got the chance to study it. I will study it for sure because I like that language very much.

      Topic:-9 If you could travel to any country, which would you choose and why? What attracts you to that country?

      Sample Answer

      If I could travel to any country I wanted, I would first choose Argentina or Portugal because these two are my favourite football teams. My favourite players are also on that team; if I can go there, I will try to meet them there.

      I will be thrilled to go there and have studied in my general knowledge that in Argentina and all any shaped rocks are there which has meanings. I have learned in my GK classes and found them interesting, so if I can go to Argentina, I will go there with my whole mind. I like going to new places and visiting many other countries.

      Topic:-10 Discuss the role of education in society. What do you think should be the primary focus of education systems?

      Sample Answer

      The role of education is vital in society because we need to be educated to understand things. Suppose people are talking about anything that an educated person only understands, and it’s essential to be educated because education gives us everything. In that case, education gives us knowledge about everything.

      Because of education, we only know how people were and what was there in the past, like dinosaurs and how they died because of asteroid crashes. And we also study that and all with the help of education only and education. If we are educated, it’s perfect, and education is also critical to have a job because if we want a good job, we have to be educated, and it would be beneficial.

      Topic:-11 Discuss a subject you’re passionate about and explain why you find it exciting and how you continue learning about it.

      Sample Answer

      I am passionate about science because we learn about many solutions in science. I like to use solutions because if we use any solution for another thing, we will make a thing using both solutions. l. I have seen many people doing it, which is interesting. I felt perfect whenever I started studying science, and it was exciting.

      I always concentrate on my science classes and listen to whatever I fancy. My teacher also explained many solutions to us; for example, I needed a solution to find some things with minerals and all in them. It is exciting, and I like to learn science and am passionate about it.

      Topic:-12 Talk about a person who inspires you. What qualities do they possess that make them inspirational?

      Sample Answer

      My mom is a person who inspires me a lot whenever I am feeling discouraged. She told me I could do it all, so I felt courageous and started doing that work. My mother inspires me, and I start doing things like that. After getting inspiration from my mother, I did everything she said, being courageous, and I copied her path.

      Whenever I copy her, I get good marks in my studies, and my mom was also good at studies in childhood and all, so whenever I copy her path, I get good marks in all subjects, and I pass everything with good marks, so my mom inspires me.

      Topic:-13 Explain the importance of friendship in your life. How do your friends help you grow and support you in difficult times?

      Sample Answer

      Friendship is vital because my friends are significant in my life. They only make me happy whenever I am sad in school; they support me in everything I do, help me with things I cannot do, and teach me perfect things. They also taught me things I did not understand, so all my friends were very good at them.

      They are nice to me; they talk well and behave well, and I like them all equally. I have many friends, and I also have my best friends. Some all studied with me when they were in LKG and when I was in LKG onwards, and they are still studying with me only, and some stay near my house, so we play together.

      Topic:-14 Describe an environmental issue that concerns you. What steps can individuals and governments take to address this issue?

      Sample Answer

      The environmental issue that concerns me is cutting down trees because cutting down trees is terrible, which we do because we have to build many buildings. So we are cutting many trees and just putting factories and all and releasing smoke, and due to that the environment is very polluted and trees help us to clean the environment.

      Because many trees have gone out now, we have to start planting trees individually. Also, during the planting day, I told everyone and gave everyone a plant to plant in their house. And I also planted one in my house. The government can say that the maximum number of trees we can cut for the building is 4 or 5.

      If we build a building, we have to make it in a plain place by cutting trees, and if we start planting trees, the air pollution will be less. We will breathe fresh air and be very healthy because many of us are sick and affected by many viruses, all because we breathe toxic air.

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