Duolingo 50 Words Essay Questions and answers.

Duolingo 50 Words Essay Questions and answers.

Duolingo 50 Words Essay Questions and answers.

Essay Topic 1

Nowadays new technology is increasingly being used to teach students. What are the advantages of this new approach? 

Sample Answer

New technology has made inroads in students’ lives in the contemporary epoch. It serves two main advantages. Firstly, it helps the learners to gain valuable information from the comfort of their homes. A plethora of websites and applications provide well-researched content at no cost. Wikipedia is a prime example which contains information on every worthwhile topic. Secondly, it is a boon for the environment because it allows educators to study from anywhere, reducing road traffic and reducing pollution.

Essay Topic 2

In many countries schools have severe problems with student behaviour.

What do you think are the causes of this?

Sample Answer

In numerous nations, schools have acute issues with student attitude. The principal causes of this problem are distractions and the hectic schedule of parents. These days there are a plethora of devices and gadgets at the disposal of learners. They waste their quality time on them, do not complete the tasks, and often provide excuses to the educators. Apart from this parents, these days have a busy schedule and due to that they do not have sufficient time to teach moral values to their children,

Essay Topic 3

Many historic buildings are being destroyed or replaced. What are the reasons for this?

Sample Answer

Numerous historic buildings are being knocked down or replaced. Lack of space and chances of collapse are the two main reasons for this. Firstly, due to the burgeoning population government requires more land to accommodate people. Secondly, some monuments have grown old, and they could fall down. Therefore higher authorities destroy or replace historic buildings to create more accommodations and prevent old structures from collapsing.

Essay Topic 4

Some people argue that teenagers have lost moral values. What is your opinion?

Sample Answer

A few people assert that juveniles have lost moral values. I am in solidarity with this statement. Because in the contemporary epoch, technology has become an integral part of our lives. And there are numerous gadgets and devices at the disposal of adolescents that provide instant gratification. Due to that, the central focus of the teenagers is on enjoyment, and they pay less heed to moral values.

Essay Topic 5

Public transport helps save money and curbs pollution over private transport. What do you prefer and why? 

Sample Answer

There is no denying this conviction that public transport is a blessing because it empowers us to save money and mitigates pollution than private transport. I prefer private transport for two reasons which are safety and efficiency. In public transport, I do not feel safe because in a crowded place the chances of a mishappening are higher. Secondly, public transport consumes more time because buses and trains run according to a timetable. So our productivity goes up when we use our own vehicle.

Essay Topic 6

Some people argue that the government should spend money on Space research, while others say that the government should build hospitals. Which argument do you support?

Sample Answer

A few people assert that the higher authorities should utilize funds for Space research, whereas others opine that the government should construct more hospitals. In my opinion, spending money on enhancing healthcare facilities is a prudent approach. Because this would make the population healthy, and due to that output will rise, and that would generate surplus funds which the establishment must use for space exploration. In nutshell, firstly the central focus needs to be on providing necessary healthcare and post that government should look for space research.

Essay Topic 7

If you have children, What would you do differently from your parents while bringing them up?

Sample Answer

For the correct upbringing of children, I will follow a beyond the conventional domain approach. To do so, I will set the right precedent by exhibiting the same behaviour I expect from my children. For instance, instead of telling them to work with discipline, I will myself work with a set plan in a disciplined way. This prudent approach will help me to befriend them.

Essay Topic 8

Why do some friendships last longer than others? Give your opinion

Sample Answer

There is no denying this conviction that friendship thrives primarily on trust. Due to this reason, when two friends provide unabated support to each other without any vested interest, it lays the foundation of a long-lasting friendship. Such friendship does not break even if some conflicts arise because the trust factor helps handle all problems adroitly.

Essay Topic 9

What was the time when someone was treated unfairly? What happened?

Sample Answer

Last year, the erstwhile captain of the Indian Cricket Team, Mr Virat Kohli was not given another term and was replaced by Rohit Sharma. He was treated unfairly because it was the bounden duty of the selectors to inform him beforehand before announcing their decision to the media. Virat Kohli had a phenomenal career as a cricket player, and under his aegis, the team’s performance improved considerably.

Essay Topic 10

What is the importance of cars and aeroplanes in modern life? Explain

Sample Answer

It is a gospel truth that the people of the contemporary epoch thrive primarily on cars and aeroplanes to travel from one place to another. It is significant to use them for commuting because they add speed to our lives and make us more productive. Due to the faster means of transportation, the human race has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 100 years.

Essay Topic 11

How can we create a better future for the next generation?

Sample Answer

We can ensure a better future for the next generation by making them realize the importance of positivity in our lives. A large section of society is leading a miserable life because of a negative mindset, and due to that, despite having all comforts at their disposal, they remain under tremendous stress. In such a scenario, having an optimistic attitude towards life is a prudent approach which can lead your life towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Essay Topic 12

As a younger generation, what do you want to teach the older generation?

Sample Answer

Being a youngster, I draw inspiration from the older generation and seek flashes of inspiration from them to lead my life towards an impressive growth trajectory. Although they have heaps of experience and knowledge, I can teach them about technology. By learning the usage of smartphones and gadgets, the elderly will have a fruitful life after retirement.

Essay Topic 13

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the seaside towns compared to inland towns?

Sample Answer

There is no denying this conviction that seaside towns have both benefits and pitfalls. The primary advantage is that you get plenty of options to enjoy life. You can play beach volleyball, water skiing, snorkelling, and do numerous other activities. On the other hand, the hot and humid climate is a grave concern.

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