Talk about a recent health-related article that you have read IELTS cue card

Talk about a recent health-related article that you have read IELTS cue card

IELTS Cue Card Topic

Talk about a recent health-related article that you have read. Please say
– What was it about?
– When and why did you read it?
– Did you find it helpful?

Sample Answer for Talk about a recent health-related article that you have read IELTS cue card


  • There is no denying this conviction that health is wealth.
  • Being a fitness freak, I regularly read articles related to health
  • Recently I came across an article on health by Dr Rimple Sharma

What was it about?

  • This article was about the importance of taking meals at the right time.

 When and why did you read it?

  • One of my friends had read this article, and he suggested I read it.
  • So last year, when I used to sit free at home due to the corona pandemic, I read this article.

Did you find it helpful?

  • This article was of immense help to me.
  • Because it led to a paradigm shift in my knowledge related to health.
  • Before reading this article, I had this belief that what kind of diet we take is important.
  • I used to take a healthy diet but at odd hours, like late at night.
  • As per the details provided in the article, we should take all meals between 7 am to 7 pm.
  • Because our body’s digestive system works best during this time.
  • Furthermore, a gap of twelve hours between dinner and breakfast puts our body in a semi-fasting mode.
  • Although I had apprehensions about the details provided in the article, I decided to follow it.
  • To my surprise, within one month, I got fruitful results.
  • Not only I did lose weight, but I started feeling full of energy.
  • Apart from this, I started looking slim.
  • Upon seeing such a drastic change in me, many people have started following the advice given in this article.
  • Although I have lost weight, I still follow the advice of Dr Rimple Sharma.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Talk about a recent health-related article that you have read”.

1. Why is it that different people want to see different magazines?

Numerous people choose to read the content of unique magazines as their interests are different from others. Magazines target specific domains. People who admire sports show a preference for sports publications, for instance, Sports World. On the other hand, individuals who follow the latest trends, scroll fashion magazines, such as vogue; those interested in celebrities, read magazines like Cineblitz and Celeb life.

2. What type of magazines do teens prefer to read?

Teenagers of the contemporary epoch have an interest in fashion and technology. Most teenage girls prefer to read content related to the latest trends in fashion: boys choose to read technology-related magazines which provide details for the latest mobile phones and gadgets.

3. What is the distinction between information on TV and information in magazines?

The difference is that information available on TV is visual content that is easy to decipher, while magazines provide printed information. Apart from this, unlike magazines, the information provided on TV gets updated regularly.

4. Do folks like to read the information on the World Wide Web?

Young people have this uncanny knack of spending a sizeable portion of their day on the World Wide Web. They have an immense interest in technology. 

5. Do people still purchase magazines in your own country?

Although technology has made inroads in individuals lives, and numerous people love to search for information on gadgets, magazines are still in demand. People from all walks of life choose to read their favourite topic in magazines. 

6. Do you feel the people now are healthier than people previously?

There is no denying this conviction that people of the contemporary epoch have started taking care of their health. Due to this reason, there is a substantial incline in the count of people engaging in a physical workout. Moreover, the count of healthier people is growing at a tremendous pace.

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