Describe an aquatic animal


Describe an aquatic animal


Describe an aquatic animal.

You should say
What it looks like?
When did you see it?
Where did you see it?
Explain why it is interesting?

Sample Answer


  • Being an ardent fan of marine life, I like aquatic animals.
  • Although there are one million species of marine animals, I like dolphin the most.

When did you see it? , and Where you saw it?

  • When I was in 6th standard, I went to Goa for a school trip.
  • During that trip, I saw a group of dolphins from close.

What it looks like?

  • Dolphins are massive in size.
  • They are classified in three colours which are black, white and grey.
  • Before visiting Goa, I had studied regarding dolphins and found that they are quite intelligent.
  • They have small fins which work like hands.

Explain why it is interesting?

  • Dolphins are an interesting animal to watch because they have this habit of living in groups.
  • All the group members work in tandem to hunt prey, dodge predators, and taking care of sick and old members.
  •  We human beings should start following the footsteps of dolphins for living in a group so that our world would become a better place. 
  • Moreover, it is interesting to see the way a dolphin communicates with other dolphins.
  • It uses non-verbal gestures which make dolphins appear unique.
  • Apart from this, unlike other living beings, dolphins have two stomachs.
  • The first one is used to store food and, the second one fulfils the purpose of digestion.
  • Another prominent feature of dolphins is their intelligence which is second to human beings.
  • I was fortunate to find a knowledgeable guide in Goa who told me that even whales are a part of the dolphin family.
  • I have watched numerous documentaries on dolphins.
  • If I get a chance, I would like to do more research on dolphins.
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