Describe a prize that you received


Describe a prize that you received.

You should say

What was it?

When you received it?

What did you do for it?

And explain how you felt about it?



  • Being a brilliant student and a sportsman, I have won many prizes in my life.
  • Today, I will discuss an award that I won recently.

What was it? , and When you received it?

  • Recently due to Covid 19 pandemic, the government imposed strict lockdown in our nation.
  • During that time our local health club started an online weigh-loss championship.
  • The participants were from my neighbourhood.
  • To be a winner I needed to lose 10 kgs weight in two months.
  • After passing graduation, I had gained a lot of weight, so I took this championship as an opportunity to lose the extra fat in my body.
  • My hard work had paid me well, and I emerged as a winner.

What did you do for it?

  • I used to be very bulky. To lose weight, I tried a lot of options like running, swimming, gymming and so on. But I didn’t get good results.
  • During that period, one of my friends introduced me to Dr Rimple Sharma. She is a renowned dietician.
  • After listening to my side of the story, she suggested two changes in my diet. Firstly, not to eat anything between 7 pm to 7 am, which means not taking dinner after 7 pm and not having breakfast before 7 am. Secondly, she suggested me to chew every bite for at least 32 times.
  • I followed her advice with determination, dedication and discipline.
  • Due to her unabated support and my changed thinking process, I managed to achieve the desired weight.
  • Not only I lost weight, but I started feeling more confident and energetic.
  • This change in belief brought a paradigm shift in my life and helped me to achieve a trophy.

And explain how you felt about it?

  • I felt quite happy because the change of opinion moved my life towards an impressive growth trajectory.
  • After getting the award, I have become quite famous in my neighbourhood.

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