Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in.

IELTS Cue Card

Describe a conversation topic you were not interested in.

 You should say

 Who you talked with?

 When you had the conversation?

 What was the topic?

 And explain why you were not interested?

Sample Answer


 Being a talkative person, I love to indulge in conversations. However, last week I became a part of a discussion in which I was least interested.

Who you talked with? And when you had the conversation?

It was our college reunion, and we all collegemates were meeting after a long gap. Some of them came from abroad, especially to have a gala time. We went for a long drive, and in the evening we had dinner at a fine dining restaurant.

What was the topic?

The restaurant we want for dinner was jampacked, so we had to wait in the lobby area. During the waiting period once of our friends started discussing politics.

He had come from Australia, and he started pinpointing flaws in the political system and ideology of our nation.

Explain why you were not interested?

The preponderant reason for my disinterest was the timing of the discussion. We all are living in a competitive era where we have to work extremely hard to make ourselves best. To achieve our aims, we add up a lot of stress in our lives.

Occasions like reunions, birthday parties and wedding celebrations provide us with an opportunity to unwind ourself. And while participating in such get-togethers

 we tend to forget our worries.

And we break the monotony of our lives too.

However, discussing issues like politics during celebrations is an imprudent approach. Because this way we multiply the stress in our lives. Moreover, these discussions often lead to altercations.

And we can spoil some memorable moments of our life.

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