Describe a line that you remember from a poem or song


  • Being a music enthusiast, I have this habit of listening to my favourite piece of music, not only when I am happy but also when I am depressed.

What is it?

  • One line from a song that I vividly remember is “ALL IS WELL” from a music track of a Bollywood movie named “3 IDIOTS‘.

How did you know about it

  • A few years ago, my life was going through a lean patch. I was finding it quite challenging to focus on my study as well as my work, and I developed this inherent feeling that I would not be able to succeed in my life.
  • One day while watching the television, I came across this particular line from the song, and it immediately caught my attention. 

How you feel about it

  • After decoding the meaning of this line, my life changed drastically.
  • This line tells you to trick your brain by giving a command called “ALL IS WELL”.
  • Through this technique, a person can change his mindset, and instead of overthinking, he can focus on his work.
  • After diligently following the advice given in this line, I was able to change my mindset. I started studying with determination, dedication, and discipline.
  • This changed attitude did wonders for me, and I passed my 12th standard with flying colours.
  • The valuable advice given in this music track will always remain etched in my memories.
  •  I have made it a practice to listen to this song before starting my day.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a line that you remember from a poem or song”.

Are you good at memorizing things?

  • Being a lazy person, I am not good at remembering things. Due to this reason, I always make a to-do list to carry on with my work.

Do you think children like the rhythm of songs or poems?

  • Children find it easy to understand the lyrics of a poem because that is a bit simple as compared to the songs. Hence the children are often more inclined towards the rhythm of poems.

Do you think it is easier for children to learn songs or poems than adults?

  • As per my opinion, it is easy for children to learn songs or poems as compared to adults because children usually have enough time at their disposal to engage in the listening of poems and songs. Moreover, their inquisitive nature often helps them to dig deep in the meaning of a song or a poem.

What can people learn from songs or poems?

  • Songs and poems help people to remain in touch with their culture and traditions. Moreover, sometimes songs and poems highlight the problems in our society. Apart from this, few of them motivate us and show the right trajectory to follow in our life.

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