Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution

Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution


Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution.

You should say:
Where is it?
When you visited this place?
What kind of pollution did you see there?
And explain how this place was affected?

Sample Answer


  • In the contemporary epoch, most of the places have been affected by pollution.
  • Being a resident of the countryside, I haven’t experienced much pollution in my life.

Where is it? .and When you visited this place?

  • After passing my graduation, I received an interview call from a company.
  • The company’s office was in the Industrial Area near my hometown.
  •  Upon reaching that place, I was perplexed.

What kind of pollution did you see there?

  • It had all kinds of pollution like air, water and sound pollution.
  • At the entry point, there were heaps of garbage.
  • Numerous heavy vehicles were plying on the roads, and most of them were throwing a lot of gases in the air through their exhaust pipes.
  • Moreover, there were a lot of chimneys of various industries which were also exhausting dangerous fumes directly into the atmosphere.
  • In the middle of the industrial zone, there was a water body covered with stagnant pools of filth.

Explain how this place was affected.

  • It has been an industrial area for 40 years.
  • Ten years back, a handful of industries were there.
  • Hence, the extent of pollution was not that much because most of the factories were in the nascent stage.
  • In 2015, the provincial government came up with a scheme to invite new industries to set up their factories in this area.
  • The higher authorities introduced a new plan to lure the industries by offering tax exemption to them for the next ten years.
  • Due to this initiative, this place has witnessed exponential growth in terms of new factories, population and number of vehicles.
  • This growth is the preponderant reason for higher levels of pollution in this area.

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a place you visited that has been affected by pollution”.

1. What kinds of pollution are serious in your country?

Although all types of pollution are there in my country, air pollution has reached a peak level. It has a severe impact on the health and well-being of the citizens.

2. What can individuals do to protect our environment?

They play a massive role in reducing pollution by changing their habits like not throwing litter here and there. They must work in tandem with the higher authorities to undo the environmental damage done by them.

3. Do you think individuals should be responsible for pollution?

Yes, because they are the end-users.Because of their habit of having a comfortable life, they are causing severe damage to the environment. Hence making them responsible would make them aware of the grave concerns posed by the problem of pollution.

4. Why is there a need to involve the government in environmental protection?

Government plays a vital role in reversing the damage done to the environment because it has the power to impose stringent rules and regulations to curb the growth of pollution.

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