Describe a foreign country you want to know more about?


Describe a foreign country you want to know more about.

You should say:
Which country it is or what culture?
Where it is?
How do you know about it?
Why do you want to know more about it?

Sample Answer


  • Being an avid traveller, I have this habit of collecting information about different countries and cultures.
  • Whenever I meet a native of some other nation, I try hard to amass knowledge from that person.

Which country it is or what culture? and Where it is

  • Although I have gathered information about many countries, there are still a few countries that are on my list.
  • One such nation is Japan which always fascinates me.

How do you know about it?

  • Being a voracious reader, I have read a lot of content on websites like Wikipedia about Japan.
  • Moreover, I have watched a plethora of documentaries on Japanese culture and cuisine.

Why do you want to know more about it?

  • The way Japan remodelled itself after the second world war always captivates me.
  • There are numerous examples of nations who got ruined after having a war or going through a natural calamity.
  • But post-war this nation grew by leaps and bounds.
  • After the devastating loss in the war, one of there supreme leaders said: “ Dear countrymen, throw the gun and pick the tool“.
  • Just one sentence from the leader changed the fate of the nation.
  • I always seek flashes of inspiration from Japanese people.
  • This nation is the perfect epitome of harmony and brotherhood.
  • In life, we go through tough times, and we develop this feeling that we have lost our best, and we will not be able to bounce back.
  • By learning more about Japan, I would be able to enhance my skill set.
  • I will come to know how to handle unforeseen contingencies in life.
  • Moreover, I will gain knowledge about how to make the best out of what we have,
  • In short, by learning more about Japan and its people, I will become a better person.
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