Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in

Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in
Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in

Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in


Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in.

You should say
Where it is?
How did you know it?
How often you go there?
What you do there?
And explain why you like the place?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes

Sample Answer 1

and Follow up Questions for the Cue Card”Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in


Where it is?

  • The place is Rose Garden, just 200 metres from my residence.

How did you know it? 

  • Since its opening in 2016, I have been a regular visitor to this place.

How often you go there?

  • Being a nature lover, every day I visit this garden.

What you do there?

  • Every morning I go for a morning walk in the garden.
  • After taking a walk, I interact with my friend and neighbours, 
  • They also visit this place as a part of their routine.
  • Being a voracious reader, in the evening I read a book in the garden.
  • Moreover, I do a short walk after taking dinner.
  • On Sundays, I engage in volunteer work, and with the help of other volunteers, I do the cleaning work at this place.
  • Every year on 1st Feb (Founder’s day of the garden), we organise a blood donation camp.

Explain why you like the place?

  • I like this place for various reasons.
  • The prominent reason is that this place makes me feel close to nature.
  • While doing a walk over here, I feel as if I am in the lap of nature.
  • I used to be an average reader, 
  • However, when I had started reading at this place, I became an ardent reader because of the serenity offered by this place.
  • Lastly, the calmness of this place works like a charm for me.
  • The lush green outfield coupled with silence is a blessing for both eyes and ears.

Sample Answer 2


In this modern era of crass commercialisation, finding a quiet place is a daunting task. However, I am blessed to have a place where can I find peace and tranquillity.

Where it is?

I have farmland in the hinterland of my city. It is far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. That is why I get the much needed peace and tranquility over there.

How did you know it? 

During my childhood, my dad purchased this farmland to grow organic vegetables for our family.

How often do you go there?

Every weekend I visit this place to break the monotony of the urban lifestyle.

What do you do there?

Whenever I go there, I indulge in a myriad of activities. Firstly I spend some time doing farming. Although I am not an expert at it, I am well versed with the basics. During this activity, I get into a state of flow, and my time passes quickly.

Moreover, during summers, when there is scorching heat, I bathe in the water thrown by the tubewell. During this pursuit, I get much-needed relief from the relentless heat.

Apart from this, I love to study over there. The farmland I have is in a clean and pristine place, with no noise pollution. Because no vehicles ply near to this place. Furthermore, this place is far away from the bus stand or railway station. The only sound I hear is the chirping of the birds. Due to this reason, the study work done there is highly productive. Whenever I feel like I am lagging in my study, I visit this place to cover up.

Sample Answer 3


Being a person who loves solitude, I always feel blessed when I get time to relax in a quiet place.

Where it is?

The place is a studio near my residence.

How did you know it?

This studio belongs to Mr Masha Ali, a renowned Punjabi singer. He is my bosom friend and my neighbour too. He had opened it two years back and invited me as a guest at the time of its inauguration.

How often you go there?

It’s a recording studio, so it’s remain occupied six days a week. However, every Sunday, there is a break. I have made it a part of my routine to visit this place every Sunday.

What you do there?

Being a voracious reader, I read interesting books and novels over there.

Explain why you like the place?

Whenever I visit this place, I get serenity. There is no denying this conviction that due to rampant urbanisation, the cities have become overcrowded. The number of vehicles plying on the roads has increased significantly.

In public places, most people talk on their mobile phones.

Due to these reasons, quietness is missing from our lives.

To experience calmness, I visit this place because it has pin-drop silence.

Being a recording studio it is designed in a way that neither the outside noise comes in nor the inside voice goes out.

When I read books at this place, I get into a state of flow. I finish one book in two sittings.

The silence offered by this place helps me to concentrate on my studies.

Due to these reasons, I am a regular visitor to this place.

Sample Answer 4


Being a voracious reader, I am always in search of a quiet place to read.

Recently, I found a place conducive to reading because of the serenity inside it.

Where it is?

The place is the library near my residence. It’s newly opened.

How did you know it?

My mathematics teacher recommended this place to me.

How often you go there?

Every day, I spend 5-6 hours at this place.

What you do there?

Initially, the primary purpose of going to this place was self-study. However, with time I have widened my friend circle. So after finishing my studies, I engage in a group discussion. Apart from this, I eat mouth-watering delicacies in the canteen.

Explain why you like the place?

The prominent reason for liking this place is the calmness offered by it.

Due to fierce competition these days, students need to carve out a niche for themself to gain success. And to achieve this aim, they need to work with determination, dedication and discipline.

For such a high-level preparation, a calm place is a must.

And I get the much-needed calmness and composure at this place. Because the management is strict and they allow only serious readers to occupy the space. All those people who engage in unnecessary gossips do not get permission to sit here.

This library is always full of ardent readers who always remain in a state of flow while studying. Upon watching them, I also get motivated.

In the last two months, there is a paradigm shift in my knowledge. Due to this reason, I have achieved higher grades in my recent tests.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a quiet place you like to spend your time in”.

1. Is it hard to find quiet places in cities?

Yes, because the central focus of the administration of most of the cities is on commercialisation. Due to this, every nook and corner of the cities have either residential units or commercial units. Moreover, the number of vehicles plying on the roads has increased considerably. Therefore, finding a quiet place in urban areas is a daunting task.

2. Why is it quieter in the countryside?

The prominent reason for countryside areas being quieter is the open spaces they have. Due to these open spaces like farms, there is less noise. Moreover, people of rural areas make less use of vehicles. Due to this, there is less noise over there.

3. Why do people go to quiet places?

In this contemporary epoch of fierce competition, people have too much stress in their lives. When they go to quiet places, they can release their stress, and feel fresh.

4. Compared with young people, do old people prefer to live in quiet places?

Senior citizens are more aware of the benefits of quietness due to the heaps of experience they have. Hence they chose to spend more time in a serene environment as compared to youngsters.

5. Why do some people not like quiet places?

Some people, especially teenagers, love to have more fun and excitement in their lives. Therefore, they find it hard to spend time in a calm environment.

6. Do you know other quiet places?

There are numerous places with a quiet environment, especially in rural areas. I have many acquaintances who live in countryside areas. Upon visiting those places, I find calmness everywhere. There is minimal traffic on roads.

7. Do you need a quiet place when you are working?

My best performance comes, when I get an opportunity to work with concentration. Therefore for me, calmness is a must while working. In a noisy environment, my performance declines a lot.

 8. Why do people like to spend time in quiet places?

People like to spend time in quiet places because at such places they break the monotony of their lives. A calm environment soothes their mind and brain. Moreover, it helps them to handle the conflicts in their lives adroitly.

9. Do you know anyone who likes noise?

Some people have this tendency to perform best in noise. A notable example is teenagers and youngsters who often get charged up while listening to loud music.

10. How we can maintain a quiet environment in our homes?

There is no denying this conviction that peace thrives primarily in a quiet environment. To create a quiet aura inside the home, all family members should refrain from talking loud. Apart from this, playing soft instrumental music at a low volume can work like a charm.

11. Why it is challenging to focus in a noisy environment?

It is intuitively true that having a central focus on work is a daunting task in a noisy environment because the noise disturbs the peace in our minds and restricts us from working with determination, dedication and discipline.

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