Describe a dinner you really enjoyed

Describe a dinner you really enjoyed


Describe a dinner you really enjoyed.

You should say:
When it was?
What did you eat?
Who you were with?
And explain why did you enjoy it?

Sample Answer


  • I am a big-time food lover. Every weekend I try some mouth-watering delicacies to pamper my appetite.

When it was? , and Who you were with?

  • Being a working person dinner is the best meal for me because I always take breakfast and lunch, in a hurry, due to shortage of time.
  • Because of my habit of having dinner like a king, I gained tremendous weight last year.
  • To lose weight, I tried a plethora of options like swimming, running and gymming.
  • To my dismay, I didn’t lose significant weight.
  • On my friend’s suggestion, I contacted the famous dietitian of my city Dr Rimple Sharma.
  • She advised me to take dinner before 7 pm every day to lose weight.
  • I had diligently followed her advice for two months and managed to lose 10 kgs weight.
  • To celebrate my success, Dr Rimple Sharma invited me to her office for dinner.
  • Two of her team members also joined us for dinner.

What did you eat?

  • It was a four-course meal dinner starting with an appetizer, after that, we had soup, in the main course we had Thai and Chinese cuisine, after that in desserts we had pudding.
  • At last, we had coffee.

Explain why did you enjoy it

  • Since I had not been having the luxury of enjoying late night dinners for two months, that dinner was special to me.
  • I forgot all the pains I had had to lose the extra pounds on my body.
  • Moreover, the success of losing extra pounds from my body made that as one of the most memorable evenings of my life.
  • That was the dinner that I enjoyed the most.
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