Describe a time when you shared something with others IELTS cue card

Describe a time when you shared something with others IELTS cue card

Describe a time when you shared something with others IELTS cue card

IELTS Cue Card Topic

Describe a time when you shared something with others

You should say
What you shared?
Who you shared with?
Why you shared it?
And explain how you felt about sharing it?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes

Sample Answer 1


In my opinion, sharing is a prudent way to make our near and dear ones feel that we care for them and there is no denying this conviction that it helps in fostering the bonding between individuals.

What you shared? and Who you shared with?

Recently I shared my laptop with one of my friends for his online classes.

Why you shared it?

Since my childhood, I have had this tendency to help others. And if my friends need my help, I leave no stone unturned to help them.

As my nation is in a state of lockdown due to the ongoing corona pandemic, most of the schools and colleges are providing online classes.

Last month one of my friends named Gordon Redfearn was facing a problem with his laptop. Due to the lockdown, he could not go out for laptop repair.

Since his exams were close, he was in a state of depression. Because in the absence of a laptop, he was not taking his classes.

When I came to know about this, I immediately shared my laptop with him for the first half of the day during his classes.

Every morning he used to pick it up from my place, and in the afternoon, he would return it.

Due to this arrangement, he had taken all the classes and passed the exam with flying colours.

The other reason for helping him was that Gordon is my all-weather friend who always helps me in all circumstances, whether good or bad.

And explain how you felt about sharing it.

I felt good because, with my support, my friend led his life towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Vocabulary from Sample Answer 1

1. Leave no stone unturned

Meaning: Use every possible course of action to do a task.

Sentence: After globalisation, Indian people left no stone unturned to reap the benefits of global exchanges and due to this, the country has moved towards an impressive growth trajectory.

2. With flying colours

Meaning: With a distinction

Sentence: Despite being ill, I studied with determination, dedication and discipline to pass my exam with flying colours.

Sample Answer 2

Describe a time when you shared something with others


There is no denying this conviction that sharing is caring. Being an altruist person, I have this habit of going beyond the conventional domain while helping others.

What you shared? ,and Who you shared with?

Recently I shared my car with my friend Andrew because he needed it urgently.

Why you shared it?

Andrew is not only my friend but also my neighbour. He always supports me during tough times. So this time, it was my turn to reciprocate.

After passing graduation, he was trying to find a job but did not get much success. Recently he got a job with a multinational company as a business development manager. The salary package was also good with a condition, and that was Andrew needed his car for office work.

Although Andrew didn’t have a car, he bought it from his savings. He joined the new job and started raking in big bucks.

Everything was going smooth, but one day a change in the law by the higher authorities put Andrew’s job in jeopardy.

Since my city has a lot of pollution, the local government passed a new law by the name of Odd-even rationing under which the car with an even number would ply on even dates, and those with odd numbers would run on odd dates. According to the law, Andrew could use his car for a max of 15 days in a month because his car’s number was even.

This development put Andrew into depression because he was fearful of losing his job. Being the bosom friend of Andrew, I decided to help him. Since my car was of an odd number, I decided to share my car with him on odd dates.

Initially, Andrew was not ready for it, but later on, he agreed.

And explain how you felt about sharing it.

I felt jubilant because I managed to save the job of my buddy.

Vocabulary from Sample Answer 2

1. Reciprocate

Meaning: to behave or feel towards someone in the same way as they act or feel towards you

Sentence: During my budding years, my bosom friend helped me during tough times, and I reciprocated by providing him with unabated support during his lean patch.

2. Bosom friend

Meaning: A very close friend

Sentence: I lost contact with my friends after migrating to a new city; however social media helped me to locate my bosom friend Martina.

Sample Answer 3


It is a fact that our society thrives primarily on sharing to strengthen relationships.

Although I have shared something with others on multiple occasions, one recent experience is special and is worth mentioning.

What you shared? And Who you shared with?

Two years back, I shared my laptop with my younger brother.

Why you shared it?

In 2020 the world experienced a lockdown due to the coronavirus. For a sizeable part of the year, we remained indoors in the comfort of our homes.

During that time, my brother joined an online class on digital marketing. He attended the first few classes through his smartphone and found it challenging to do practical work on the phone.

He asked my mother for a new laptop, but due to the lockdown, it was not viable for us to buy it from outside because the shops were closed.

I had no option but to share my laptop with my younger brother. Every day I used to give it to him for six hours.

The availability of a laptop enhanced my brother’s performance, and he managed to learn digital marketing in two months.

And explain how you felt about sharing it.

Initially, I was upset because my work suffered a lot. But later on, I managed it because I started doing other work while my laptop was busy with my brother.

I started spending six hours without a laptop by doing a physical workout, watching motivational videos on TV and cooking my favorite mouth-watering delicacies.

The sharing helped me to foster my relationship with my younger brother.

Follow up Questions

IELTS Speaking Part 3: Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a time when you shared something with others ”.

1. Do you like to share?

I love to share because it makes me feel light. I used to share my lunch with all my amigos at school. So I have the habit of sharing since my childhood. I acquired this habit from my mother, she has this tendency of going beyond the conventional domain to help others.

2. What are the consequences if children don’t like to share?

If children do not share, they become self-centred and often have a limited friend circle. There is no denying this conviction that if we have a wider friend circle we prosper better in life. However, by limiting our friend circle we have fewer friends at our disposal in case of a need. Hence all children must have this habit of sharing.

3. How do you feel about sharing accommodations with others on campus?

It is a good practice because it helps you to pass your leisure time prudently. Moreover, it leads to an exchange of ideas, and you also learn how to do daily chores together.

4. How could parents and teachers teach young children to share?

Parents and teachers play a pivotal role in the upbringing of children. As young children spend a sizeable portion of their time in the company of parents and teachers, it is their responsibility to help children develop the habit of sharing. They can do so by making sharing a part of their routine. Under the aegis of parents and educators, children must share their room with their siblings and meals with their friends at school.

5. Do people in your country (or, you) prefer to share public transport or do they (you) prefer to use private transport?

Since my country has a lot of population, people prefer to use their private vehicles to save time. However, a paradigm shift is taking place in the mindset of people. They have realized that by using private transport, they are ruining the environment by creating more pollution. Hence the percentage of people using public transport is rising at a considerable rate.

6. Do many people in your country share their home with others or do they mostly live alone?

Sharing of the home is mostly on rent in our country. Those who have surplus rooms give them on rent to make money.

7. Do you think there are many advantages to sharing your home with other (non-family) people?

Yes, there is an advantage, you can gain knowledge from the person with whom you are sharing your accommodation. Apart from this, human beings have this tendency to help those who help them. Therefore, if you share your things with others, you have more hands to support you.

8. Would you ever share your food with someone else?

Being an altruist person, I have this habit of sharing with others. Every day I share my lunch with my classmates.

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