Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study IELTS cue card

Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study IELTS cue card

Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study IELTS cue card


Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study

You should say
What it is about?
Why you made this plan?
What do you need to do first?
And explain how you would feel if it is successful?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes

Sample Answer 1


Planning is an essential part of our lives because it provides us with a roadmap to lead our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory. Recently, I made a plan which is not related to work and study.

What it is about?

Being an altruist person, I have always wanted to work for the welfare of society. Currently, the whole world is experiencing Corona Pandemic.

This pandemic is a veiled threat for people, especially to those who cannot afford its treatment.

To help the people living in destitute, I have made a plan through which I am going to provide free medicines to them.

Why you made this plan?

During my experience as a volunteer with one of the hospitals, I observed that Corona Virus is a mild form of a virus. Many people who cannot afford the treatment die just because of depression.

To save the lives of such people, I have planned to provide free medicines.

What do you need to do first?

 The first step is to collaborate with certain multinational companies to generate funds for the medicines. All big companies have to provide funds for the welfare of society under the corporate social responsibility initiative. Since I have good knowledge of this scheme, I will not face many problems with tie-ups.

And explain how you would feel if it would be successful?

The plan would be cent per cent successful because the corona pandemic has adversely affected the corporate world. The big organisations want this pandemic to end soon so that they can run their business ventures smoothly.

Hence I would cross the biggest hurdle of my plan with tremendous ease. The rest of the things are easy to manage.

Sample Answer 2

Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study


Most people strive hard to gain success in life, but they have a wish they like to fulfil deep in their minds. Like others, I too have a desire, which I would like to fulfil, and I have already made a plan for that.

What it is about?

Being a travel enthusiast, I want to travel the whole world as a solo traveller.

Why you made this plan?

As a traveller, my taste is a bit different as compared to others. Unlike others, I do not pay much heed to local sightseeing. For me, authentic travelling takes place when you get mixed with another culture.

When you travel in a group, you find it difficult for the members to entertain the special requests of someone. Therefore, solo travelling is a prudent approach to spend your holidays according to your wish.

What do you need to do first?

The first and foremost thing to make this plan work is the arrangement of cash. Secondly, I need to amass a lot of knowledge regarding the destination where I would be travelling.

Because as a backpacker, you do not have much support in a foreign nation. During tough times the knowledge you have helps you to handle the conflicts adroitly.

Apart from this, I need to be good at basic skills like cooking, washing clothes etcetera.

And explain how you would feel if it would be successful?

When this plan would be successful, I will become the happiest person on earth. Because I have been preparing for this since my childhood.

Sample Answer 3

Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study


Being an ambitious person, I have made numerous plans to lead my life towards an impressive growth trajectory. Most of these plans are related to my career.

However, there is one plan which is related to personality development.

What it is about?

I have planned to become a fit person. To achieve this aim, I need to lose 10 kgs weight.

Why you made this plan?

I have made this plan because after gaining success in my career, I have realized that the happiest person in life is that who has good health. By acquiring good health, I will lead my life towards the path to success.

What do you need to do first?

The first step to achieve this aim is to make a proper diet and workout schedule. There is no denying this conviction that a judicious combination of a healthy diet plus a physical workout is a must-have for effective weight loss. Hence I have planned to do rigorous workouts, coupled with strict control over diet.

To do so, I will hire the services of a renowned dietician for a diet plan which would offer me a diet schedule with fewer calories and more nutrition.

Apart from this, I will do a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises. For this, I will join a gym and work under the aegis of a seasoned trainer.

And explain how you would feel if it would be successful?

The success of this plan would lead to a paradigm shift in my personality. Not only I will become more energetic, but my looks would also enhance.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a plan in your life that is not related to work or study”.

1. Do you think it is important for a person to have a career plan?

Yes having a career plan is very important because it puts your life towards an impressive growth trajectory. On the other hand, it becomes difficult for an individual to carry on in the absence of a plan. Moreover, the absence of a plan leads to time wastage.

2. How do most people plan their future education and their future career?

Most people have this tendency to plan their future action for education and career by having a word with their parents, educators, career counselling experts and by going through reviews available on various websites.

3. Do you think it’s important to include the factor of one’s salary in a career plan?

Yes, remuneration is a significant thing that must be taken into consideration while making a career plan. It is usually observed that funds are required for everything in the budding years of one’s career. One cannot think of building a fruitful career, that doesn’t empower a person to take care of his/her basic needs. However, in the twilight years of one’s career, other factors are more important than the salary.

4. Do you think planning is important or is it a waste of time?

Planning is a significant factor to achieve success, calling it a waste of time is an imprudent approach. If we wish to go ahead in life without much planning, then we waste our precious time.

5. What kinds of personal plans should people make for themselves?

People should devise plans about their education, their career path, funds for themselves and their family, places they wish to explore, and how they will spend their retired life.

6. In general, how do people make plans?

People make plans by understanding the situation by having a consultation with their elders and by taking the help of wide information available on the internet.

7. For a person with children, what influence does this have on their plans for the future?

For a person who is blessed with children, the right upbringing of the children is more important as compared to the personal plans, The central focus of such persons pivots around the desires of the family and children. And they leave no stone unturned to make the wishes of their children come true.

8. Should parents set goals for children?

Parents are undoubtedly set the best goals for their children. However, they get biased while setting goals for their children. Because for parents safety of their kids is more important than any other thing. Hence there shouldn’t be overindulgence of parents while devising the goals for their children.

9. When do young children start to set goals for themselves?

Usually, children start setting goals after passing their tenth standard. Because during that time they need to decide the trajectory of their career.

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