Describe a leisure activity near/on the sea that you want to try IELTS cue card

 Describe a leisure activity near/on the sea that you want to try IELTS cue card


Describe a leisure activity near/on the sea that you want to try

IELTS Cue Card Topic

Describe a leisure activity near/on the sea that you want to try.

You should say
What it is?
What do you need to prepare?
How easy or difficult it is?
And explain why you want to try it?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes

Model Answer 1


Being an adventurous person, I have participated in a lot of activities for fun and excitement.

However, I haven’t got an opportunity to participate in activities near the sea.

What it is?

Next month I am going to Goa for an official trip. Over there I will swim in the sea.

What do you need to prepare?

Since I am an expert swimmer, I need not prepare much. I need to carry the swimming kit.

How easy or difficult it is?

If I talk as a swimmer, I do not think it would be a daunting task because I have sufficient experience. Since my childhood, I have been swimming at different water bodies like lakes, canals and rivers.

However, swimming in the sea would be an altogether new experience for me. Hence, once I would do it, then only I would come to know.

And explain why you want to try it?

Since my childhood, I have had this uncanny knack for indulging in water sports activities. I have already tried swimming with the flow of the river Ganges. Apart from this, I have tried my hand at river rafting too.

I would like to have another feather on my cap by swimming in the sea alongside the tides. My friends who have done swimming in the sea talk very high about their experiences.

The stories narrated by them motivate me to try this activity as soon as possible.

Model Answer 2

Describe a leisure activity near/on the sea that you want to try


I have tried many activities near the sea. But this time, I would go beyond the conventional domain and try a new activity near the beach.

What it is?

The new activity I am going to try is building sandcastles alongside the beach.

What do you need to prepare?

To prepare for this, I require a lot of sand, water, a lightweight shovel, two buckets and some carving tools.

How easy or difficult it is?

It seems easy, but for a novice like me, it would be a daunting task. Any deviation from the plan could jeopardize the whole structure. Hence I need to work with determination, dedication and discipline to get fruitful results.

And explain why you want to try it?

There is no denying this conviction that building sandcastle is one of the most popular beach activities.

The prominent reason for trying it is to do such activity where the whole family participates.

Whenever I go on holiday with my family, all members remain busy with their mobile phones. Due to this reason, we do not enjoy the holidays to the full extent.

Due to this reason, I have chosen this activity because the whole family’s involvement is a must for creating a perfect sandcastle. For a single person, it is a cumbersome process. With teamwork, I will make an enticing sandcastle with tremendous ease.

Apart from this, another reason is that I want to try something different this time. I am tired of doing the same kind of activities near the beach. By indulging in making sandcastles, I will break the monotony.

Model Answer 3

Describe a leisure activity near/on the sea that you want to try

Sea offers plenty of recreational pursuits. Although I do not have much interest in sea sight activities, and I have never participated in free time pursuits on the sea, If given a chance, I would like to take part in Scuba Diving

There is no denying this conviction that scuba diving has become a popular pastime pursuit in numerous nations. In this activity, the participant has to dive in the sea with the support of an oxygen cylinder, a special mask, and equipment to breathe

Being dangerous support for those who are non-swimmers, the participants need to do it under the guidance of a seasoned coach.

Since I am a non-swimmer, I need to do a lot to prepare for it. The first requirement is to enrol at a training centre, and I am pretty sure that for me taking part in it would be a daunting task. And I will take a substantial amount of time to hone my skills for doing Scuba Diving properly.

I have read a lot of blogs and reviews of numerous people who have experienced swimming in deep water. According to them, it is an amazing activity which makes you come across a variety of sea creatures and corals, along with like-minded people. They have further stated that this activity is an out of the world experience, and it makes you feel close to nature. While doing this activity, people usually get into a state of flow and forget their worries.

There are a plethora of reasons which have generated my interest in this sport. The first and the foremost is my love of marine life. While coming close to the water animals, I will click pictures. The second reason is I have this uncanny knack for trying different things in my life. I would like to make good use of this habit by going beyond the conventional domain and trying a new activity.

Model Answer 4

Describe a leisure activity near/on the sea that you want to try


Being an adventurous person, I love to try new activities.

What it is?

One activity which I haven’t done yet, and I would like to do in the future is to play beach volleyball.

What do you need to prepare?

To prepare for this activity, I need a volleyball, two poles and a net. Apart from this, I require 8-10 people who can play with me.

How easy or difficult it is?

Playing volleyball at the beach is not that easy as it seems. First of all, the areas near the sea experience persistent winds. Due to that, the ball deviates. So a player needs to plan moves keeping the deviation in mind. Apart from this, most of the players play volleyball on a flat surface. Whereas, beach volleyball happens on a rough surface on the beach. Due to this, sometimes the players miss the target.

And explain why you want to try it?

The primary reason for trying this activity is to do something out of the box. Though I have played many sports, unusually playing the usual sports is an altogether new experience.

Moreover, I have played volleyball at the national level and won many awards. Now I would like to step out of my comfort zone and carve out a niche for myself in beach volleyball.

This game is in the nascent stage right now, but with time it would become a great sport. I would like to catch this opportunity by becoming a league player in this game. Many nations have recognised it as a sport, and it might come as a new sport in the coming Olympics.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a leisure activity near/on the sea that you want to try”.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of vacations at the seaside?

Seaside vacations provide numerous rewards. The main attraction is the enticing sights and the opportunity to indulge in water games. Tourists can savour their favourite mouth-watering delicacies alongside the beach to have fun. Moreover, they can engage in beachside activities and sports. Another major advantage is seawater which provides a plethora of benefits to humans.

On the contrary, tourists can experience heat strokes and body tans if they remain under the sun for a longer period. Apart from this, there is a possibility of drowning in the sea. Due to these reasons, the chances of having an unforeseen contingency are high near the sea.

2. Why do children like the sea better than adults?

Children have this tendency to indulge in all kinds of sports whereas adults participate in limited games.

As the sea offers numerous options to plan and have fun, the children find the sea more attractive as compared to adults.

3. What types of job positions can be found on or near the sea?

People can get work opportunities like swimming coaches, lifeguards, and fishing etcetera. furthermore, individuals can also look for work at seaside eating joints as there are a plethora of seafood eating places near the sea. Apart from this, places adjoining the sea are very famous tourist spots so there are numerous hotels nearby. Due to this, the chances of getting work in the hospitality industry are high.

4.Do you like quiet beaches or busy ones?

Being a nature-loving person, I prefer to spend my time in quiet places. Moreover, as I am an urban dweller, I spend my day in the hustle and bustle of cities. Due to this reason, I love to enjoy my leisure time at places that offer serenity.

5.Are the beaches in your country clean?

There is no denying this conviction that most of the beaches in my country have maintenance issues. People love to make good use of beaches to relax during their free time, however, they do not pay enough heed to keep them neat and clean.

6.What is the difference between swimming at a pool and a beach?

Swimming in the sea is a better option because the environment is natural. Apart from this, it provides numerous health benefits with the salt content in the seen water is beneficial for physical health as it boosts our immunity whereas, the chlorine used in the swimming pool to keep the water clean is detrimental for the skin

7.When should you go to the Sea for the holidays?

In my opinion, the best time to travel to sea destinations is during winter, and in case you wish to want to spend your summer vacations in a cold environment, mountains are the best option. A few mountains with high altitudes have the best environment in summer. Therefore spending your holidays near the sea during winters is a prudent approach.

8. Why do some people enjoy the beach?

Those who love nature get the perfect environment at the beaches. Apart from this, the seashore offers numerous activities to have fun in leisure time. Due to these reasons, people from all walks of life find entertainment and relaxation over here.

9. Does the beach have any effect on people’s health?

Beaches protect residents living nearby by taking the role of buffer against the high winds, and waves of powerful storms and support economic activity significant to the native population. Apart from this, the general health of people. By remaining exposed to the sun and ocean air, people improve their mental well-being too. Moreover, activities near the sea are helpful for the people to decline the stress in their lives.

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