Describe an argument between two of your friends

Describe an argument between two of your friends

Describe an argument between two of your friends


Describe an argument between two of your friends

When did it happen?

How it get solved?

What do you think about it?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes

Sample Answer 1


  • Arguments are an integral part of our life.
  • Occasionally they lead to a logical conclusion, and in most cases, they lead to complications.

When did it happen

  • When I passed my 10th standard, I was in a state of confusion regarding which stream to choose for further education.
  • I had two options, the first one was to opt for a non-medical stream, and the second one was commerce.
  • To make a decision, I organized a meeting with a few of my friends.
  • The topic of discussion was what to choose? Science or commerce, for further education.
  • The discussion started on a positive note.
  • However, it had turned ugly when two of my friends started shouting at each other.
  • Their names were Michael and Stephen.
  • Michael had opted for the Science stream.
  •  That’s why he was talking in favour of science.
  • Whereas, Stephen being from a business family was advocating commerce stream.
  • Their shouts were disturbing my ears.

How it got solved?

  • To put an end to the argument, I called my elder brother to join us.
  • When he came, the verbal debate was still going on.
  • My brother diffused the situation by making me participate in an online psychometric test.
  • According to that test, being a creative person, my scope was more in humanities scheme.
  • Finally, I told my friends that I would be opting for the humanities stream for my 11th standard.
  • Finally, the debate ended.

What do you think about it?

  • Although the debate led to stress, it led me to a logical conclusion.
  • Therefore, we must have healthy debates in our lives.

Sample Answer 2


A healthy discussion between friends is a usual affair. However, sometimes it takes the shape of arguments.

Recently two of my friends had an argument which lasted for a few hours.

When did it happen

Two months back, we had a college reunion. During that time, two of my friends turned emotional while discussing their success. 

The first one said that to move our career towards an impressive growth trajectory hard work is a must. According to him by toiling hard with determination, dedication and discipline we could achieve anything in life.

The second friend had a counter opinion. He said that in this contemporary epoch, where fierce competition has become an integral part of our lives, people do not get growth in life just because of hard work. According to him, being lucky is more significant than any other thing to grow in life.

How it got solved?

The argument ended with the intervention of other friends. We all had sat together and concluded that for success in life a combination of hard work and luck works like a charm.

On the one hand, hard work hones your talent, and on the other hand, luck creates opportunities for us. 

By doing hard work, we can prepare ourselves to effectively utilize the opportunities presented to us.

After carefully listening to the discussion, both friends expressed solidarity with the view put forth by the group.

And the argument ended.

What do you think about it?

I think arguments help us to find viable solutions to the pressing problems in our lives. Hence healthy debates must be encouraged.

Sample Answer 3


  • Friendship thrives primarily on good relationships.
  • However, sometimes even friends have altercations.

When did it happen

  • Last year there was a strong argument between two of my friends.
  • During the corona pandemic, my country was in a state of lockdown.
  • Any many of us gained tremendous weight during that period.
  • Because during the lockdown, we didn’t engage in much physical exercise
  • Apart from this, we ate a lot.
  • Hence, to lose weight, we all college friends decided to help each other.
  • Our whole group connected through video conferencing
  • We nominated two guys from our group who were fit to mentor the group.
  • Both of the mentors are my bosom friends.
  • When the mentors started giving us weight-loss tips, both of them argued.
  • The first mentor said weight-loss exercise is more important.
  •  The second mentor countered his view by saying that diet is more significant for maintaining an ideal weight.

How it get solved?

  • To end the ongoing debate, we divided the group into two teams.
  • Team A worked under the supervision of the first mentor, and Team B’s team leader was 2nd mentor.
  • Team A focussed more on exercise, and Team B’s more attention was on having a balanced and nutritious diet.
  • The results were astonishing because all participants lose weight.
  • However, Team B’s performance was better than Team A.There was a paradigm shift in their overall look because all participants experienced significant weight-loss.
  • Hence, the revelation was that diet plays a more important role than a physical workout for losing weight.

What do you think about it?

  • Initially, I had apprehensions regarding the debate between two of my amigos.
  • But later on, I liked it.
  • Because through the medium of that argument, we all friends improved our health.

Follow Up questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe an argument between two of your friends”.

1. Do you think arguments are important?

There is no denying this conviction that arguments sometimes consume a lot of time. Yet arguments are significant because they help us in clearing our doubts. Moreover, through arguments, people can highlight various issues affecting our society. All those societies where people have healthy arguments grow at a rapid pace. However, when the freedom of having arguments is not there, the reputation of society deteriorates.

 2. What do family members generally argue about?

Usually, family members talk they argue about trivial issues. Like what to cook, and who will handle which duty?. Even small talk could lead to an altercation. Another prominent issue which families argue about is the education of the children in the family.

3. Is it easier for you to have arguments with your friends or your family members?

 I find it easy to have arguments with my friends because I am more open with them. With them, I have the freedom to discuss any kind of topic. Moreover, being of my age, they understand me better as compared to my family members. On the other hand arguments with family members can lead to enhanced trouble, because all members of the family are of different age groups and this thing widens the gap between them. Hence, having arguments with family members is not a prudent approach.

4. Do you think people should change the way they think when they have arguments?

Yes, people need to have a drastic change in their thinking process while having arguments. Because their central focus should be on finding a solution through debate, rather than winning the argument.Becasue the urge to win the argument at any cost can lead to adverse results.On the other hand changing your belief system by engaging in discussion with like-minded people can lead your life towards an impressive growth trajectory.

5. If two people argue, do you think a third person should be involved in the settlement?

If the argument is going towards a healthy debate, then the third party should not intervene. However, if the argument is leading to an altercation then the third person should enter the debate and diffuse the situation.Because the involvement of a third party brings a new perspective to the discussion which could help in finding a suitable concluson.

6.Why do you think people are stubborn and unwilling to change?

Most people have certain habits which become an integral part of their lives. They think that by remaining adamant, they can prove their point in a better way. Moreover, they resist change because it prompts them to come out of their comfort zone. Hence they develop this uncanny knack for remaining adamant with their opinions whether they are wrong ones or right ones.

7. Do you think you are stubborn?

Earlier I used to be a stubborn person. However, with age, I have learned that stubbornness restricts your growth, and it widens the gap between you and your near and dear ones. That’s why I chose to remain flexible. And due to this massive change in my belief, I have started garnering the unstinted support of my near and dear ones.

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