Describe a special day or a memory of your school or college days

Describe a special day or a memory of your school or collage days


Describe a special day or a memory of your school or collage days.

You should say
When and where it was?
What exactly happened?
How did you feel?
Why it is so special for you?

Sample Answer


  • I feel good while remembering my school days.
  • The quality time spent in school would always remain etched in my memories.

When and where it was?

  • Although numerous instances are worth discussing in my school days, one such moment is worth mentioning.
  • It happened during my 8th class.
  • When I had to give my best performance in front of a huge crowd.

What exactly happened?

  • There was an inter-school competition for lawn tennis.
  • My friend Andrew from my class was representing our school at that event.
  • To our dismay, Andrew had an upset stomach just before the match.
  • The school management decided to drop Andrew.
  • Upon Andrew’s recommendation, the team proposed my name as the replacement.
  • Since I had good terms with the sports teacher, my name got instant approval.
  • I had gone to the stadium as a spectator.
  • However, destiny had a big plan for me.
  • Initially, I was a bit nervous, but when the whole of my school started cheering for me, I got a feeling of adrenaline rush.
  • Initially, I was hitting the ball too hard.
  • As the match went further, I regained my touch.
  • All of a sudden, my play became too smooth
  • And I won the game in straight sets.

How did you feel?

  • After winning the match, I had a sigh of relief.
  • I was able to do justice to my talent.
  • Apart from this, I brought laurels to the school.
  • That day led to a paradigm shift in my confidence.
  • My school life was never the same after that day.
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