IELTS Vocabulary: There is no denying this conviction

IELTS Vocabulary: There is no denying this conviction

Meaning: The phrase “there is no denying this conviction” commonly indicates that the speaker or writer has immense faith in something and maintains that it cannot be refuted or disregarded. It presents a powerful sense of assurance and trust in the belief being discussed.

Education Essays

1. There is no denying this conviction that the role of technology in education has grown appreciably, and fields like artificial intelligence and robotics have made inroads in the lives of most school students. And this paradigm shift will bring revolutionary changes.

2.There’s no denying that early childhood education is critical. The lessons learned in these formative years lay the foundation for future growth.

3.There’s no denying a growing debate about private versus public education. Private education’s primary focus is on strengthening the bottom line. However, public education aims to develop students holistically.

4.There is no denying this conviction that standardized testing has benefits and drawbacks. On the one hand, it orchestrates the system, making tasks easier. On the contrary, it restricts dynamism, and the system becomes more or less similar.

5.There’s no denying this conviction that lifelong learning has immense benefits because the world is constantly evolving, and the things we learned in the past might not be applicable in the future. So, we must strive hard to learn a lot.

Climate change and its effects

1.There is no denying this conviction that air, water, and land pollution has increased appreciably due to the burgeoning population and lacklustre government policies.

2. There is no denying this conviction that sustainable development and renewable energy are essential for improving the world. If we continue to develop haphazardly and consume non-renewable resources, we’ll have numerous pressing problems to handle in the future.

3. There is no denying this conviction that we must make conservation efforts to protect biodiversity; otherwise, various species will become extinct.

4. There’s no denying this conviction that the government needs to frame stringent environmental policies and regulations to bring exemplary changes in the lives of individuals.

5. There’s no denying that modern lifestyles have a high impact on health because people have become comfort-oriented and leave no stone unturned to live an opulent lifestyle.

The impact of modern lifestyles on health

1.There is no denying that a balanced diet and moderate to heavy exercise can reduce obesity.

2.There’s no denying this conviction that, apart from physical health, sufficient focus should be on mental health, and the government must create awareness and provide unabated support for this.

3.There is no denying this conviction that a large section of society does not have healthcare systems, and they do not have access to medical care. That is why the mortality rate in such people is high.

4.There is no denying this conviction that preventive medicine works better than treatment because it lets you know your problems in advance.

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