Describe a Person You Know Who is From a Different Culture IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Person You Know Who is From a Different Culture IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Person You Know Who is From a Different Culture IELTS Cue Card


Describe a Person You Know Who is From a Different Culture

You should say:
Who he/she is?
Where he/she is from?
How you knew him/her?
And explain how you feel about him/her.

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes

Sample Answer 1


Being a social butterfly and a voracious traveller, I meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Although I have met numerous people from different cultures, one of them is special, so he is worth mentioning.

Who is he?

His name is Shuza Waugh.

Where is he from?

He is from Japan

How did you know him?

Souza works for a multinational company. Last year he came on an assignment to India. Being a fitness freak, he used to come to the gymnasium, where he would come for exercise.

After a few meetings, we became bosom friends. After that, we started going for a walk together. And by spending a plethora of time with him, I came to know various details regarding his culture and traditions.

And explain how you feel about him.

From the meetings we had, I came to realize that Shuza is a wonderful human being. He always tries his best to help others.

Although he is from a different culture, that doesn’t deter him from providing unabated support to the people living in the slums.

Every Sunday, he visited the slums with me to distribute food materials, clothes, stationery and other necessary items.

There is no denying this conviction that we become the average of five people we meet regularly.

Under the Shuza’a company, I experienced a paradigm shift in my personality. He always works with determination, dedication and discipline.

Following in his footsteps, I have become a planner person, and I always seek flashes of inspiration from him to handle my conflicts adroitly.

Vocabulary from Sample Answer 1

1. Worth mentioning

Meaning: Important enough to require a comment.

Sentence: It is a gospel truth that we thrive primarily on discipline to live a worthwhile life, hence its role in self-improvement is worth-mentioning.By inculcating discipline in our routine we can achieve massive success in minimal time.

2. Bosom friend

Meaning: A very close friend

Sentence: Although I have a vast friend circle, I have a special attachment to John. He is my bosom friend since childhood and always consult him before making an informed decision.

Sample Answer 2


Being an extrovert, I love talking to people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Recently I met an interesting person from a different culture, and the interaction with him is worth mentioning.

Who is he? and Where is he from?

He is Andrew, and he hails from America.

How did you know him?

He is a philanthropist, and last month he came to India for a social work initiative. During a seminar, I met him, and from that day, we became all-weather friends.

I attended many social work initiatives with him. When he was about to leave for America, I invited him for dinner at my home. He immediately accepted my proposal, and when he came home, he brought pasta for my family and me.

I told him the dinner was from my side, and he shouldn’t have brought anything. He explained a wonderful part of his culture called “Potluck”.

In this practice, whenever Andrew goes to a party at someone’s home, he carries a home-cooked delicacy. The motive behind this initiative is to share the burden of the host.

The paste brought by him was mouth-watering, and that day we had a gala time together with guffaws of laughter.

And explain how you feel about him.

Andrew is my bosom friend, and I like him because he always goes beyond the conventional domain to help others.

In this modern era, where people are running from pillar to post to make more money, he works for the benefit of others. He finds immense happiness while serving others.

His altruist nature works like a charm for him, and wherever he goes, he leaves a mark on his personality.

Sample Answer 3


Being a talkative person, I tend to make a relationship with whosoever I meet.

Last year I befriended a person from a different culture.

Who is he? And Where is he from?

His name is Gordon, and his native country is Italy.

How did you know him?

Being a food enthusiast, I have the habit of trying mouth-watering delicacies from worldwide. I once visited an Italian food festival in my city to exercise my taste buds.

There I tried the wood-fired pizza for the first time. That was a mouth-watering delicacy, and after enjoying it, I decided to meet the chef who made it.

To my joy, it was Gordon who baked that amazing pizza. From that day onwards, Gordon and I became bosom friends. Being a chef, he wanted to learn about Indian cuisine.

He stayed in my house for one week and learned Indian cooking from my other. Under her guidance, Gordon acquired knowledge of Indian spices and herbs.

He surprised us by making a pizza with Indian spices. To our surprise, the taste was amazing.

And explain how you feel about him.

The wonderful time I had with Gordon will always remain etched in my memories. During his stay at our home, it never felt like he was an outsider.

He adopted good practices from our culture and gave us immense knowledge regarding Italian culture.

He has invited me to Italy, and whenever I have free time at my disposal, I will visit him to have a gala time together.

Sample Answer 4


My city is an education hub. Due to this, people from diverse cultures and backgrounds come here.

I have met numerous people from different cultures; however, one of them is special and worth mentioning.

Who is he? and Where is he from?

His name is Mohd Irfan, and he is from Afghanistan.

How did you know him?

Once I was going to Manali hill station to spend my summer vacation. Irfan was sitting next to me. As I was feeling bored, I initiated a discussion with him.

He is talkative, and we talked a lot during the journey. Unfortunately, there was a massive traffic jam on the way, so we spent 10 hours together, and at the end of the journey, we became bosom friends.

After returning from the trip, I invited Ifran to my home; he came with a big bowl containing an Afghani delicacy named “Biryani”.That was mouth-watering, and from that day onward, our friendship grew further.

We share a common interest which is cricket. Every weekend Irfan comes to our society to play a match in the nearby park. We both play in the same team and usually open the innings. Due to our lethal combination in batting, our team always wins.

And explain how you feel about him.

Irfan is a cheerful guy who doesn’t behave like an outsider. He has embraced my country’s culture, and his friend circle has widened considerably.

He brings joy whenever he comes to my home, and his excellent sense of humour generates laughter.

I can proudly say he is the best foreign person I have ever met.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a Person You Know Who is From a Different Culture”.

1. Where and how can we get to know people of different cultures better?

Nowadays, social media is a reliable platform to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Many websites and mobile phone applications like Facebook, Meetup, and Instagram are the best ways to communicate with people from divergent nationalities and backgrounds. 

These platforms provide a platform where people from various cultures can interact with individuals having like-minded visions and interests. On the other hand, the conventional method to acquire knowledge of a different culture is to read and watch content related like reading books and watching movies, or if possible, travel to that place.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cultural diversity?

Talking about the benefits, cultural diversity makes our world a worth-living place by adding dynamism to our lives. The availability of one culture could make this world a monotonous place. Cultural diversity instills curiosity in people’s minds and encourages them to learn more about others. Moreover, it is gospel truth; people fetch a lot of routines and practices from each other’s cultures. 

On the other hand, cultural diversity can, on some occasions, widens the gap between people. It makes people in one culture believe themselves superior to others, giving birth to feelings like hatred and revenge.

3. How can traditional culture and other cultures coexist?

For the co-existence of divergent cultures, especially traditional and contemporary, all sections of society need to work in collaboration.


Adherents of both cultures should respect each other’s feelings and ideas and refrain from indulging in hatred and revenge. Moreover, the government should organize awareness campaigns highlighting both cultures’ positives.

Apart from this, rising inflation is another stumbling block for them. Due to this, youngsters have to work tirelessly to make ends meet.

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