Describe an Invention IELTS Cue Card

Describe an Invention that is Useful in Daily Life IELTS Cue Card


Describe an Invention that is Useful in Daily Life

You should say:

What is the invention?
How you use this invention?
Whether it is difficult to use?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the subject for one-to-two minutes.

Sample 1


Although the world has experienced many inventions in the last 100 years, one is unique and worth mentioning.

What is the invention?

The invention is the Internet. Although it is 80 years old, technology, it gained prominence in the last 30 years.

How do you use this technology?

Even though we can use it in multiple ways, I use it majorly on my laptop and my smartphone. In addition, my office work thrives primarily on the Internet. Whenever I get short of ideas and need significant input, I research the Internet to find apt answers. For example, last week, I had to clear an aptitude test, and for its preparation, I used the Internet. I typed sample aptitude test questions on the Google Chrome browser and got many options. Within six hours, I prepared for it and passed my test with flying colors.

Moreover, I use the Internet on my smartphone. Whenever I go for some work and I have to wait for my turn, I utilize the time by watching entertainment and facts-related videos on Youtube. It helps me to pass the time without much stress. Moreover, it helps to use the spare time productively. Due to my busy schedule, I do not get much time, and the Internet helps me handle most of my conflicts adroitly. Like I pay my utility bills online through my smartphone while traveling.

Apart from this, occasionally, I use it on my smart tv to watch programs in my leisure time for entertainment.

Whether it is challenging to use?

It is relatively easy to use. People from all walks of life can easily use it after just 5 minutes of training.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe an Invention that is Useful in Daily Life ”.

Q1. How has technology made our life easier?

Technology has made our life easier in many ways. Firstly it saves time because the tasks we used to do in hours like washing clothes take minutes with their usage.

Secondly, caring for menial tasks like paying bills has made life comfortable.

Q2. Which invention do you think is the most useful at home?

The most helpful invention at home is the microwave oven because reheating takes a lot of time and energy if we do it the conventional way. Through microwaves, we can do it in seconds and minutes.

Q3. Is it more difficult for older adults to accept new technologies?

Older adults have been using old systems and devices for ages, so they find it challenging to use new technologies. Although the developers are leaving no stone unturned to make user-friendly products that are easy to navigate, older people are still refraining from using them.

Q4. What can be done to help older adults learn to use new technologies?

The best way to make older adults learn new technologies is to train them. The youngsters must teach the older adults living in their houses. If grandparents shoulder this responsibility, the training will happen rapidly.

The government needs to organize awareness campaigns to teach older people about using new technologies.

Q5. Will our life be better if we live without technology?

In the contemporary epoch spending life without the use of technology is a daunting task because the development we have made in the last few decades thrives primarily on technology, and without it, life will become challenging and monotonous

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