Describe a Time When You Needed to Search for Information IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Time When You Needed to Search for Information IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Time When You Needed to Search for Information IELTS Cue Card


Describe a Time When You Needed to Search for Information

You should say:
What information did you need to search for?
When you searched for it?
Where you searched for it?
And explain why you needed to search for it.

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes

Sample Answer 1


The internet has become a vital part of our lives in this contemporary epoch. We depend mainly on it to gain valuable information.

Although I have used the internet umpteen times to fetch information, one occasion is special and worth mentioning.

What information did you need to search for?

I searched for information related to weight loss. There is no denying this conviction that our fitness thrives primarily on two things diet and exercise.

I searched the information regarding what is important to lose weight, diet or exercise.

When you searched for it?

I searched for it last year during the lockdown.

Where you searched for it?

I searched the information and action on a plethora of websites. After gaining significant information from Wikipedia, I switched to Youtube. Over there, I watched numerous videos, which enhanced my knowledge.

And explain why you needed to search for it.

Last year I followed a sedentary lifestyle during the corona pandemic and gained much weight. I wanted to lose weight but could not go out because of the lockdown restrictions.

During that time, I used the internet to find the right information. From the research, I concluded that diet is the most important factor in losing weight.

I followed a technique prescribed in one of the videos named “intermittent fasting” and took all my diets between pam to 6 pm to help my stomach digest food properly.

To my joy, this information helped me achieve my aim. I followed the prescribed process with dogged determination and lost considerable weight without going to the gym.

The information leads to a paradigm shift in my physical and mental fitness.

Vocabulary from Sample Answer 1

1. Vital

Meaning: Very important

Sentence: It is vital to focus on our diet for weigh-loss instead of exercise because our fitness thrives primarily on our food intake.

2. Umpteen

Meaning: A lot

Sentence: Despite seeing umpteen failures I didn’t lose hope and I worked hard to gain success. Due to my achievements, my classmates seek flashes of inspiration from me.

3. Fetch

Meaning: to visit a place and bring back somebody/something

Sentence: Being a voracious reader I visit a library regularly to fetch new information.

4. Worth mentioning

Meaning: Important enough to require a comment.

Sentence: The role of willpower in our success journey is worth mentioning. It is the force which drives us towards our goals.

5. Dogged determination

Meaning: Determination to continue despite failures

Sentence: During corona pandemic, I worked with dogged determination to enhance my domain expertise in digital marketing.

Sample Answer 2


In this modern era, we search the internet to find information. However, on most occasions, we get confused because the content available is usually not well-researched.

Due to this reason, many times I have switched to conventional sources umpteen times to find accurate information, one such occasion is special, and hence it is worth mentioning.

What information did you need to search for? And When did you search for it?

During my school days, the class teacher gave me the task of giving a speech on the great Sikh warrior Hari Nalwa. There is no denying this conviction that he is one character in Sikh history who has not got its due because there is very little online content describing the contributions and sacrifices he made for The Sikh Empire.

Where you searched for it?

First, I read a lot of websites and watched numerous videos, but most of them had the same content, and deep information was unavailable. After that, I visited a Sikh history museum in my hometown, and from there, I gained substantial information regarding the life of Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa.

And explain why you needed to search for it.?

I needed to search for it because many people made supreme sacrifices for our motherland, and the current generation does not have much information about them.

Sardar Hari Singh Nalwa was a true warrior who led from the front for the expansion of the Sikh empire. His opponents had a huge terror of him, and they used to evade him.

A speech on Hari Singh Nalwa in front of the school crowd was a perfect opportunity for me to pay homage to one of the unsung heroes of our past.

Due to this reason, I left no stone unturned to fetch accurate information regarding his personality.

Sample Answer 3


In this modern era, the Internet has made inroads in our lives. Due to that, plenty of information is available at a click of a button.

However, sometimes you must follow the conventional method to procure information, and we cannot rely upon cyberspace.

Recently I had a situation when I searched for information from many sources, including the Internet.

What information did you need to search for?

I searched for an engineer from IndiaShivkar Bapuji Talpade.

When you searched for it?

My college gave me a project regarding aeroplanes. In that, I needed to mention the history of people who tried to invent the flying machine.

Shivkar Bapuji Talpade was an engineer from India who flew a crewless plane on Juhu beach in 1895, just eight years before Wright Brothers invented the first aircraft.

Where you searched for it?

Firstly I fetched the information on the Internet. I researched a plethora of websites to gain information. To my dismay, much content was not available.

After that, I visited my college’s library, where I found a book on the life of “Shivkar Bapuji Talpade.” 

And explain why you needed to search for it.

I needed to search for it because my country has a glorious past, which remains hidden from the rest of the world.

Since India was under British occupation in the year 1895, the discovery of Shivkar Bapuji Talpade went unnoticed.

After searching for the information, I wrote a 3,000-word article on the life of Shivkar Bapuji Talpade, and to some extent, I managed to create awareness regarding him.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a Time When You Needed to Search for Information ”.

1. How can people search for information now?

In the 21st century, technology has made inroads in our lives. Due to that, many options are at our disposal to fetch information. The prominent source to gain knowledge is the Internet, where a beaucoup of websites and video platforms provide quality information at the click of a button.

2. What information can people get from television?

Television provides a lot of information. There are channels where you can find sufficient content related to science, sports, politics, entertainment and other domains.

You can also watch news channels to get the latest updates.

3. Do you think libraries are still important in the digital age?

I believe libraries still have a significant role in our society. First, libraries provide content in the forms of books, journals and newspapers.

Apart from this, they offer serenity, a must-have to study effectively.

4. Does the development of the Internet have any impact on disadvantaged people?

There is no denying this conviction that technologies like the Internet provide unabated support to the disadvantaged, especially those from humble backgrounds. It has given them a platform to fetch new information at no cost and generated avenues for making more money through platforms like Youtube and Instagram.

For example, many unskilled persons earn their livelihood by offering services on platforms like Zomato and Swiggy, where basic knowledge of driving works like a charm for them and empowers them to make money.

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