Describe a festival that is important in your country IELTS Cue Card

Describe a festival that is important in your country IELTS Cue Card


Describe a festival that is important in your country IELTS

You should say:

When the festival occurs?
What you do during it?
What you like or dislike about it?
And explain why this festival is important?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes.

Sample 1


Although there are many festivals in my country, I like Holi the most

When the festival occurs?

This festival comes in March.

What do you do during it?

Holi is a festival of colors, so people from all walks of life, regardless of their background and religion, participate. They greet each other by applying assorted colors on each other’s faces. I also celebrate it in my neighborhood with my friends and neighbors. Together we organized a dance party along with lunch and snacks. Then, we shake our legs to our favorite tunes.

In the afternoon, after taking a bath, we have lunch together, and in the evening, we have a chit-chat session.

What do you like or dislike about it?

I like it for many reasons. Firstly this festival comes immediately after the end of the winter. In the cold temperatures, I usually refrain from going out. However, during the Holi festival, the weather is moderate. So I enjoy it very much.

Moreover, in this contemporary era, we all have busy schedules due to fierce competition. Due to this reason, my friends who stay in my neighborhood only meet me sometimes. Therefore, Holi is a blessing because we all have a gala time together and enjoy this festival for a full day.

Due to these reasons, I wait for this festival every year, and its celebration should be twice yearly.

And explain why this festival is essential.

This festival is important because, on this day, people remove their barriers and enjoy themselves with each other. People forget all their issues with their near and dear ones and start their relationships afresh.

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