Describe a friend that is important to you IELTS Cue Card

Describe a friend that is important to you IELTS Cue Card


Describe a friend that is important to you

You should say:

Who the friend is

Where you met him/her

Why you like him/her

and explain why this friend is important to you.

Sample 1


Although I have many friends, one of them is essential to me, and hence he is worth mentioning because of his substantial contribution to my life.

Who is the friend?

His name is Andrew.

Where you met him?

I first met him when I was admitted to a new school due to my father’s job transfer. Andrew was my classmate, and from our first meeting, we became all-weather friends.

Why do you like him?

I like him for many reasons. First, he is my bosom friend who supports me whenever I am in trouble.

Another reason for liking him is his charismatic personality. He works on the principles of essentialism and minimalism. He speaks what is essential, and due to that, he manages to handle his conflicts adroitly. Moreover, he saves a boatload of time and energy every day. Secondly, his minimalist lifestyle helps him to make full use of the things at his disposal.

The other students of our college, including me, are a big fan of Andrew and closely follow his footsteps to lead their lives toward an impressive growth trajectory.

 Explain why this friend is important to you.

Before meeting him, I was underconfident, but his constant pep talk has brought a paradigm shift in my performance. Whenever I am in trouble, he helps me eliminate my worries.

Whatever I have achieved is because of Andrew’s regular advice. In this modern era, where most people run from pillar to post to amass more money, he is an exception because he leaves no stone unturned to help others through his deeds.

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