Describe an occasion when you spent time with a young child IELTS Cue Card

Describe an occasion when you spent time with a young child IELTS Cue Card


Describe an occasion when you spent time with a young child

You should say:

When was it? 

Who the child was.

Why did you spend time with the child?

Explain what you did and how you feel.

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the subject for one-to-two minutes.

Sample 1


Although I have spent time with children on numerous occasions, one such instance is worth mentioning.

When was it? And Who the child was.

It was two years back. Then, the coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide, and during that time, many people had to remain indoors due to the lockdown and provide protocols.

During that time, my sister and her husband got diagnosed with coronavirus. So they sent him to my place to keep their son safe, and for 15 days, I took care of him.

Why did you spend time with the child?

I spent time with my nephew because, in the absence of his parents, he was feeling upset, and to uplift his mood, I did various activities with him.

Explain what you did and how you feel.

We spent most of the time playing board games. We started with playing carrom bard and later on we switched to chess. He did not know how to play chess, and I taught him.

Furthermore, I wanted him to attend his school online classes. Therefore, I would make him sit in front of the laptop every day from 9 am to 12 pm for online courses. Whenever he faced difficulty, I would help him by providing the answer to his question.

I felt good about it because, due to the fierce competition of the modern era, the child inside me was lost somewhere; however, by spending time with him, I relived my childhood, and the beautiful moments spent with him will always remain etched in my memories.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe an occasion when you spent time with a young child”.

1. Do you think there are too many rules for young children to follow, whether at school or home? 

In this modern era, parents and teachers have become quite lenient in handling children. Due to this, the rules and regulations at school and home have declined considerably. Young children have fewer rules to follow than in the past.

2. Do you think children should follow all the rules? 

Children must work with determination, dedication, and discipline to lead their lives toward an impressive growth trajectory. Hence, following rules is of utmost importance for them.

3. Do you think parents must make decisions for their children? 

There is no denying this conviction that children are not competent enough to make informed decisions in their budding years. Hence, it is necessary for the parents t make choices on their behalf.

4. Do you think it’s good for parents to help children choose friends? 

It is a fact that we become the average of five people we meet or interact with. In such a scenario, it is a worthwhile proposition if parents help the children choose friends because making an informed choice is daunting for young children.

5. Where do children usually play? 

Children have a plethora of places to play. Firstly they play on the sports grounds in their schools and neighborhoods. Apart from this, go to sports clubs, and these days many multiplexes have gaming zones for children to play their favorite games.

6. While traveling with children, which parents care more for the children? 

In the modern era, both parents work in tandem to do the upbringing of their children. Hence both take responsibility for children while traveling with them.

7. How do parents teach children to respect people? 

It is a gospel truth that children learn from examples. Hence it is the bounden duty of the parents to respect their near and dear ones. Seeing them, the children will also follow in their footsteps, which is the best way to teach them to respect people.

8. Do outdoor activities help children? 

Outdoor activities help in the holistic development of children. Firstly children develop their physical stamina through them, and second, they improve their cognitive potential too.

9. What is the difference between the outdoor activities children play now and before? 

The first contrast is that children don’t do outdoor sports nowadays because they spend most of their time on phones and computers. Secondly, children had a lot more space to do activities as they could swim in lakes and survey forests and caves, whereas, in the contemporary epoch, children mostly spend time on popular sports like volleyball, cricket, and so on. It is possible because sports conveniences were nascent in the past, and there was less criminality, so parents felt secure allowing their children to play unsupervised.

10. Which side, the father or the mother, invests more experience caring for the child? Why? How can we change this? 

Generally, mothers disburse more time caring for children. One explanation is conventional inertia. In the past, women were primarily homemakers, and men used to toil at workplaces, so women used to manage the children. Although most women are engaged in work nowadays, people still view them as more accountable for caring for children. Secondly, it is due to biology. In other words, as women give birth, they also form a sense of attachment and tend toward children that men cannot. We cannot modify this entirely, but it is gradually happening on its own.

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