Describe something you shared with a stranger IELTS Cue Card

Describe something you shared with a stranger IELTS Cue Card


Describe something you shared with a stranger

You should say:

When was it?
Where did you buy it?
Why you liked/disliked it?

Sample 1


Being an altruist, I have this habit of helping others whenever they require it. Although I have had numerous instances when I have helped strangers, one is unique and worth mentioning.

When was it? And Where was it?

Two years back, I was traveling to my hometown by train.

What did you share?

On the train, I felt bored, and to spend my leisure time at my disposal, I started conversing with my co-passengers. One of them was an exciting person named Andrew, and since we shared common interests, we chatted for a long time.

While conversing with me, he told me that he would attend a meeting the next day and was stressed because his laptop had stopped working, and he could not complete his presentation.

Upon seeing his plight, I decided to help him by providing him with my laptop. Although he was a stranger to me, I supported him on humanitarian grounds.

My support worked like a charm for him, and he completed his presentation within one hour. The next day, he gave an astonishing performance in the meeting through his presentation and got a job promotion.

How did you feel about it?

I felt good about my initiative because, since my childhood, I have had this habit of helping others. My parents have taught me to help others whenever we can manage.

Helping Andrew worked like a charm for me because, from that day, we became bosom friends. Whenever Andrew comes to my city, we spend gala together by eating out and playing snooker.

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