Describe a website which helped you to do something IELTS Cue Card

Describe a website which helped you to do something/ website you visit often/use regularly

Describe a website which helped you to do something IELTS Cue Card


Describe a website which helped you to do something/ website you visit often/use regularly

You should say:
Which site is it?
How did you know about it?
How did it help?
Why do you visit it often?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes

Sample Answer 1(


There is no denying this conviction that websites and mobile phone applications have become an integral part of our lives in this modern era. We thrive primarily on them to handle our conflicts adroitly.

Although many websites help me do my work, one is exceptional and worth mentioning.

Which site is it?

The name of the website is It provides information on maintaining physical and mental fitness, and its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds.

How did you know about it?

Last year due to the corona pandemic, my city was in a state of lockdown, and due to that, I remained indoors and gained a lot of weight.

Due to my excessive weight, my productivity declined considerably, and I was in a state of depression. Seeing my plight, my brother came to my rescue, and he suggested I visit this website for vital information related to weight loss.

How did it help?

His advice worked like a charm because the information on the website helped me become a fit person in just three months.

According to the website, the contribution of a balanced diet to our fitness is substantial. Therefore it is prudent to focus on diet management for effective weight loss.

I followed the advice of intermittent fasting daily with determination, dedication and discipline, which helped me achieve my desired weight. Moreover, it helped me remain full of beans throughout the day.

Why do you visit it often?

I visit it often because the website’s content gets updated daily, and it usually comes with new recipes and vital information regarding the nutritional value of various food items.

Sample Answer 2 (OLX)


In the modern era, the usage of websites has grown appreciably. Many individuals use them to look for various products and services.

Although I use numerous websites, one is exceptional and worth mentioning.

Which site is it?

The name of the website is OLX. It specializes in the sales and purchase of used and new products and users can use it for everything from soups to nuts.

How did you know about it?

Two years back I shifted to a new city and was looking for old furniture when I came to know about it through the internet.

How did it help?

The website was of great help to me. Through It, I came to know about many sellers who were selling used furniture items. Furthermore, it verified the details of the prospective sellers. They provided accurate contact details, and by calling the sellers, I closed the deal.

I got the furniture of my choice at dirt-cheap prices, and the best part was that the website was very comfortable to use

Why do you visit it often?

I visit it often for umpteen reasons. First and foremost, this website is accessible from any device having internet connectivity, making it comfortable for purchasers and sellers to interact with each other.

Secondly, it covers a wide range of products and services, from electronics to automobiles to apartments and houses, permitting consumers to get numerous products and services in a single and reliable platform.

Thirdly most of the products available on OLX are used ones, which provide buyers with a reasonable option instead of buying a new one.

Lastly, it empowers me to search for products in my locality, making it comfortable to search for items nearby.

Sample Answer 3 (Zomato)


The internet is a reliable platform that provides millions of websites to handle our conflicts adroitly. One such website is worth mentioning.

Which site is it?

It is Zomato, a food delivery website through which I can order food online from the comfort of my home. They have many freelance riders in their network who provide the delivery as soon as possible.

How did you know about it?

Once I visited my friend’s place for a party. There he ordered all food from Zomato. So from that day, I started using it for ordering food.

How did it help?

It provided me with great help. Two years back, I was in the final year of my college, and I had a lot of pressure from my studies on my shoulders. My parents left home to care for my ailing grandmother one month before the exam. I was alone at home, and I didn’t have much time to cook due to exams.

During that time, Zomato was of great help to me. Whenever I felt like eating something, I ordered it from Zomato. As a result, the best food in my hometown would come to me in almost 30-40 minutes. Due to the unabated support of this website, I got all the meals. Moreover, it allowed me to have a central focus on my studies.

Why do you visit it often?

I use it often because these days there is a lot of traffic on the roads and going out to have food wastes the leisure time at our disposal. In addition, I am a student and do not have the luxury of spending my precious hours eating out. So I use Zomato, which delivers my favourite mouth-watering delicacies to my doorsteps at any time.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a website which helped you to do something/ website you visit often/use regularly”.

1. Who in your family uses the site?

Earlier I was the one who used this website. Not everybody in my family takes flashes of inspiration from me to maintain good health, and they follow this website for a healthy life.

2. Can the internet help children in their studies?

There is no denying this conviction that the Internet contains massive amounts of information, and children can find multiple answers to their questions. Apart from this, it empowers them to study without a teacher.

3. Will the Internet replace the teacher?

The Internet doesn’t have the personal touch of a teacher. Moreover, finding an accurate answer on the Internet is sometimes daunting. On the other hand, a teacher understands us and helps us to handle conflicts adroitly. Hence the Internet can’t replace teachers.

4. Will downloading music or movies for free cause a problem?

Downloading music or movies for free is an imprudent approach because the content creators incur many expenses while making movies. Moreover, the livelihood of artists, camera operators, and other crew members thrives primarily on the success of music or movies. So, we would refrain from disturbing the lives of others for our vested interests.

5. What are the reasons why people use the Internet?

People use the Internet for myriad reasons. The first and foremost is entertainment, as they can play games, watch movies, listen to music and chat with their near and dear ones through it. They also use it to find information on various products and services. Furthermore, the students use it to find appropriate content for study.

6. Some say that different age groups have different tastes in internet content. What do you think?

Varied people have divergent interests. In the budding years, we use it for entertainment. In adulthood, we use it primarily to gain knowledge, and in old age, we use it to pass our leisure time.

7. What influence can (or does) the Internet have on children?

The Internet is a mixed bag. Using it prudently can do wonders for you, providing you with vital information and entertaining you in your leisure time. On the other hand, if you overuse it, you can become addicted and waste your precious time on trivial matters.

8. What kind of people don’t use the Internet, and what are the disadvantages they suffer from because they don’t use it?

Only two kinds of people do not use the Internet. Firstly those who feel that technology is bad for us, and secondly, those who find it challenging to use the Internet.

The major disadvantage they suffer is that they are less connected with the rest of the world and sometimes need to get vital information in time. Moreover, they get limited earning opportunities.

9. Do you think mobile phone application usage will increase in the future?

With the introduction of new-age phones, the usage of applications has increased appreciably. The principal reason is that these applications are very comfortable to use. Moreover, that has a dedicated icon on your mobile phone.

To use a website, first, you need to login into the browser. After that, the content comes in front of you. However, the process is seamless in the case of mobile phone applications. Moreover, these applications send you regular updates through notifications. So vital information is always at your disposal.

Lastly, carrying a mobile phone is always easier than your laptop. Hence the usage of applications will grow exponentially in the future.


1. Worth mentioning

Meaning: Important enough to require a comment.

Sentence: The importance of a balanced diet in our fitness is worth mentioning. Without it, it is not viable for a person to maintain optimum weight.


Meaning: A lot

Sentence: Despite umpteen failures, Thomas Edison did not lose hope and carried on his research. In the end, he got what he wanted, and his career as a scientist took a dramatic turn.

3. Full of beans

Meaning: Happy One

Sentence: It is advisable to end your day on an excellent note to start the next one full of beans.

4. Everything from soups to nuts

Meaning: A variety of things.

Sentence: I always seek flashes of inspiration from my friend Andrew because he can do everything from soups to nuts.

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