Describe a place there was a lot of noise IELTS Cue Card

Describe a place there was a lot of noise IELTS Cue Card

Describe a place there was a lot of noise IELTS Cue Card


Describe a place there was a lot of noise

You should say:

When this happened?
Where it was?
Why there was a lot of noise?
Explain what you did when you heard the noise?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes.

Sample Answer 1


In this modern era finding quiet places is a challenging task. Although I have visited many noisy places in my life, one of them is exceptional and worth mentioning.

When did this happen?

Last year, I visited New Delhi to take an exam.

Where was it?

I reached out one day in advance to comfortably revise all the study material before taking my exam the next day. I booked a hotel to have a serene environment. However, my plan backfired because of the noise coming from the nearby society.

Why was there a lot of noise?

The noise was due to a fight between two neighbours residing in a township near my hotel. The issue was wrong parking by one of the residents.

Both individuals were hurling abuses and went nuclear at each other by using foul language. Initially, I ignored it, but later on, I realised that studying in such a noisy environment was daunting.

Explain what you did when you heard the noise.

I immediately called the hotel manager and told him the situation. He came to my room, and upon seeing my plight, he immediately called the local police and filed a complaint.

Within ten minutes, a police van arrived, and they took the miscreants into custody. Due to mediation from other neighbours, both offenders apologised to each other, leaving the scene and going to their respective homes.

Finally, the noise stopped coming, and I had a sigh of relief. I studied that night with determination, dedication and discipline in a calm environment and passed my exam with flying colours.

Sample Answer 2


Although I have been through numerous times, when I heard a lot of noise, one of them is worth mentioning.

When did this happen?

It happened in the mid of 2020.

Where it was?

It was in the Sector 17 market of Chandigarh. This place is in the heart of the city, and people from all walks of life come here for fun and enjoyment.

Why there was a lot of noise?

At the beginning of 2020, the world experienced a lockdown due to the Corona pandemic. During that time, most people remained indoors for months. And when the government finally announced to unlock, it was a dream come an actual moment for people, and they were happy as a clam.

The Sector 17 market of Chandigarh is famous for celebrations. After listening to the news of the ceasing of the lockdown, people were full of beans. People came out of their homes in numbers.

Within an hour, there were thousands of people. A renowned local band was there to perform. It started playing loud music, and the crowd shook their legs to the tunes. 

The crowd was giving tough competition to the sound coming out of the speakers, as people were hooting and shouting.

After one hour, the crowd doubled, and so did the noise. Finally, at 2 am, the speakers stopped blowing music, and the people went to their homes, at around 3 pm, there was a pin-drop silence.

Explain what you did when you heard the noise.

I also was a part of the celebration and contributed a lot to making noise.

There was no point stopping anyone from celebrating and producing noise because people were tired of staying indoors, and the unlocking process was a new lease of life for them.


1. Worth mentioning

Meaning: Important enough to require a comment.

Sentence: The significance of consistency in our success is worth mentioning. Regular improvement thrives primarily on it, and in its absence, it is daunting for us to be successful.

2. Plight

Meaning: an unfortunate or challenging state or situation

Sentence: The plight of innocent animals is not taken into consideration. They live a miserable life in the company of human beings. Despite many initiatives, their situation is turning worse.

3. Go nuclear

Meaning: Angry

Sentence: I have this uncanny knack for going nuclear if my breakfast is late.

4. Full of beans

Meaning: Happy One

Sentence: The early morning walk empowers to remain full of beans throughout the day.

5. Happy as a clam

Meaning: Happy One

Sentence: During my college days, I was happy as a clam. I didn’t have many burdens on my shoulders. But after post-graduation, my life underwent a paradigm shift because I had to handle all conflicts adroitly.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a place there was a lot of noise”.

1. Is noise pollution serious in India?

Yes, it is a pressing problem in India. We experience noise from around us, most of which is due to unnecessary activities. There are unwanted pressure horns from automobiles. Moreover, the machinery inside the factories produces a sound that adds pain to the ears. Apart from this, many people have this uncanny knack for using loudspeakers for personal celebrations, and the neighbourhood suffers due to this act of theirs.

2. Do you like to live in a noisy place?

I love to live in a serene environment, and the noise disturbs my focus and concentration at work and study. Therefore I don’t particularly appreciate staying in noisy places.

3. Do you like to go to noisy places?

While partying, I love to be in noisy places with loud music because that encourages me to shake my legs to my favourite tunes. However, I don’t particularly appreciate going to noisy places for other work.

4. Where can you hear a loud noise?

We get loud noise from all around us. First and foremost are industries that use heavy machinery to manufacture products and produce unwanted sounds. Apart from this, the number of vehicles has increased considerably due to the burgeoning population. The heavy traffic on the roads makes enormous noise, disturbing the peace around us.

5. Do you think there is more noise in people’s lives today than in the past?

Yes, because the number of vehicles on the roads has increased appreciably. However, industries are leaving no stone unturned to produce more products which encourages more noise pollution. 

However, in the past, the number of automobiles and industries was less, and there was less noise.

6. Do you think that cities will become noisier in the future?

The quantum of noise at our disposal will incline substantially the way we are going for rampant urbanization. 

7. What is the noise in life?

The noise in our life exhibits the distractions at our disposal, which do not allow us to have a central focus on our work and ambitions. These days people have developed this uncanny knack for listening to music or news while studying or working. This practice is detrimental to our ears and mental fitness and will produce disastrous repercussions in the long run.

8. How is the noise level in your city?

Being a dweller of an industrial city, I experience enormous noise from factories and vehicles.

 9. Where does noise in urban areas come from?

The noise in cities generally comes from blowing pressure horns by vehicles. The machinery from industry also produces sound. Apart from playing loudspeakers on various occasions is also a prominent source of noise pollution.

10. Do you think it is important to be alone sometimes?

It is imperative to remain alone sometimes, as we must spend time with ourselves to understand what we need. Spending time in profound solitude allows us to make peace inside. Moreover, it encourages us to find answers to the pressing problems in our lives. Lastly, it gives us the courage to handle conflicts adroitly. 

11. What is the importance of belonging to a particular group?

Belonging to a social group empowers us with umpteen benefits. There is no denying this conviction that man is a social animal, and it is challenging for us to live alone for long. Sharing our joys and sorrows is of utmost importance to us, and we feel deprived if we have no one to share our thoughts with. 

Due to this reason, becoming a part of social groups is of utmost importance to us. Our social groups provide us with unabated support during challenging times by solving our conflicts adroitly. Therefore staying alone is an imprudent approach.

12. What problem could you have if you went out together in a big group?

A big group invites umpteen issues. Firstly, It is challenging to manage it because having all participants on the same page is an uphill task. And it is a fact that mismanagement can lead to various issues. Firstly it could lead to a waste of time at our disposal. Secondly, it can lead to unnecessary altercations and disputes.

13. Why do people like going to noisy places, like restaurants or pubs, even though they know these places are noisy?

Some people find eternal peace while listening to loud music, so they usually visit noisy venues like bars or discotheques. Moreover, their central focus is on socializing; due to this, they ignore the noise around them.

14. Shall we encourage children to make noises?

We should refrain the children from making unnecessary noises because it is irritating for the people around them. However, we must tell them to raise the alarm by making noise if they encounter problems.

15. Do older adults hate noise more than youngsters?

With age, our priorities change. In our young days, we like nose coming out of music. Many young people go to discotheques and dance parties to shake their legs to their favourite tunes. The loud music played at parties is a charm for many, especially teenagers.

On the contrary, as we age, we mature, and the heaps of experience at our disposal teach us that a peaceful environment must have to live a happy life. Hence noise disturbs us and makes us feel uncomfortable.

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