Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed IELTS Cue Card

Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed IELTS Cue Card

Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed IELTS Cue Card


Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed

You should say:

In which area/room do you feel relaxed

Why do you feel relaxed there

What do you do to feel relaxed

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes.

Sample Answer 1


There is no denying this conviction that our home is the best place for us, where we find much-needed support and affection. Although I love each nook and corner of my abode, there is one area where I feel relaxed.

In which area/room do you feel relaxed?

I feel relaxed on the rooftop.

Why do you feel relaxed there?

I feel relaxed there for many reasons, firstly, my rooftop is on height, and the whole city is visible from there. In the morning I go there to have a short walk. Apart from this, I do basic stretching to start my day with a bang.

In the evening, I stand on different corners of the rooftop and see the vehicles plying on the roads. As my house is on the city’s outskirts, the traffic is less, and there is usually significantly less noise.

What do you do to feel relaxed?

To feel relaxed, I do many things at weekends. I go to the rooftop in the evenings and play the guitar. The music coming out of it provides a soothing experience to me.

Apart from this, I invite my bosom friend to play board games like chess and carom board. While playing them, my time passes quickly, and it uplifts my mood.

When the weather is nice, I organize a rooftop party and invite my friends. Rather than cooking at home, we order food from outside to reduce stress.

Lastly, whenever I feel depressed, I do meditation to remove the unnecessary thoughts coming into my mind.

Sample Answer 2


In this modern era, we have very few places to relax. I am fortunate to have a place to relax inside my home.

 In which area/room do you feel relaxed

Although there are many rooms in my home, I feel relaxed in my bedroom. I spend a sizeable proportion of my leisure time at my disposal in it.

Why do you feel relaxed there?

My bedroom is in the corner of my house and serves the purpose of a private space where I can rejuvenate and unwind without any hindrance. It is at the end of my home, so I do not hear any noise from traffic and household chores.

Secondly, it is an enjoyable and comfortable space with soft lighting and comfortable bedding.

Thirdly, while designing it, I personalized it to showcase my style and tastes, making me feel that it is uniquely mine.

Lastly, it has enormous storage space as there is a wardrobe, a dressing table and a nightstand that allow me to keep my clothes and accessories organized and readily available.

What do you do to feel relaxed?

To feel relaxed, I watch tv in my room. As a cricket enthusiast, I invite my friends whenever there is a cricket match, and we have fun together while cheering for our favourite team.

Moreover, I feel sluggish in the afternoons, and to recharge myself, I take a siesta on the couch inside my bedroom.

Apart from this, on weekends, I read books in my bedroom because the calmness inside it makes me feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Sample Answer 3


There is no denying this conviction that most people find much-needed relaxation at home. I have a special place at my home where I unwind myself.

In which area/room do you feel relaxed?

I feel relaxed in the garden of my home.

Why do you feel relaxed there?

I feel relaxed inside my garden for many reasons. Firstly being surrounded by greenery and flowers puts a soothing effect and makes me feel peaceful from the inside. After a tiring day, when I sit in the garden in the evening, my worries go for a toss.

Secondly, remaining indoors for doing work down lifts my mood. My garden serves the purpose of a place to go outside and breathe in the fresh air, which declines the workload I carry on my shoulders.

Thirdly I do gardening, which is a relaxing exercise, as it releases endorphins, making me happy.

What do you do to feel relaxed?

To feel relaxed inside the garden, I have done many things. Firstly, I listen to soothing music. There are two speakers in my garden through which I listen to music.

Secondly, whenever I am in a dilemma, I walk inside my garden. While walking, I talk to myself, which works like a charm because it helps me come to logical conclusions by making informed decisions.

Moreover, I invite my friends once a month, and we organise a karaoke musical event in the garden. They all come prepared with a song and perform. That is the most relaxing time for me because my friends’ presence makes me feel like I am in heaven.

The quality time spent in this garden will always remain etched in my memories.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe an area in your home where you feel relaxed”.

1. Do you think exercise is essential for mental and physical health?

The gospel truth is that physical exercise is a must-have for physical and mental fitness. Firstly it keeps us in good shape by burning calories and enhancing flexibility. Secondly, it generates dopamine which makes us feel happy and remain in a cheerful mood.

2. Why do people feel stressed all the time?

The stress we experience these days is due to many reasons. First and foremost, we have fierce competition these days in every field. To have a fruitful career, people need to go beyond the conventional domain, and for that, they burn the midnight oil. The constant involvement in work and study enhances the burden on our shoulders.

Secondly, due to their busy lifestyle, people need to pay more attention to their relationships. It widens the gap between family members, which is also a contributing factor to enhanced stress.

3. Should there be classes to teach young people and children how to be relaxed?

Having classes to teach young people and children how to relax is the need of the hour. Through the lessons, they would learn the significance of mental health in their lives. This enhanced knowledge would help them avoid unnecessary conflicts and live purposeful lives by keeping stress at bay.

4. How to feel more relaxed at home?

It is unequivocal to say that our homes are where we can find much-needed relaxation. However, for that, we need to create a pleasant environment inside.

Firstly all family members should refrain from indulging in unnecessary talks and altercations. This practice is necessary to avoid conflicts. Because if there is peace inside the house, the environment becomes relaxing.

Apart from this, there should be proper ventilation in the house because poorly ventilated houses generally create negative vibes which hinder relaxation.

Lastly, the family members need to do many activities together, like playing board games, watching movies and having meals together. It generates an optimistic era inside the house which creates a relaxing atmosphere.


1. At your disposal

Meaning: Available for you to use at any time

Sentence: The funds at the disposal of developing countries are reducing substantially due to burgeoning populations and declining natural resources.

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