BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th November

BEST IELTS Speaking Interview, 10th November




Q1. Do you have a favourite number or a number that is special to you?

Seven number is my favourite, and it appeals to me because it is my lucky charm.

Q2. Are you good at memorizing phone numbers?

Yes, I am good at memorizing phone numbers, and my near and dear contacts’ contact details are on my tips.

Q3. Do you often use numbers at work?

Being a student, I thrive primarily on numbers while making calculations.

Q4. Are you good at math?

Yes, maths appeals to me, and I also score well in this subject.


Describe your favourite number

What number it is?
When did it become your favourite?
Why do you like it?



There is no denying this conviction that numbers play a pivotal role in our lives. Of course, numbers are not limited to time, date, year and weather. But we also use them in education and work, calculating money, measurement, contact numbers, passcodes, lock patterns, and TV channels. Construction engineers utilize numbers while calculating dimensions to develop infrastructure buildings. Medical professionals use them for blood counts and medicines.

Although I use many numbers at work, one is my favourite and worth mentioning.

What number is it?

The number is seventeen.

When did it become your favourite?

During childhood, I realized that seventeen is my favourite number because my date of birth is the 17th of Jan.Secondly, my roll number in the board examination started from 17, and I topped my school in that.

Moreover, in my college days, I was an average football player, but when I changed my T-shirt number to 17, I started scoring goals and became one of the best footballers in my college.

Why do you like it?

I like this number because it brings me good fortune. Whenever this number is around me, I get good results, and with time my bonding with it is getting stronger.

Last month my family purchased a car, and I paid extra to get the seventeen number. Moreover, I leave no stone unturned to have this number in whatever task, like opening a bank account or buying a new sim card.

People call me superstitious, but my relationship with the number 17 works like a charm, and I will pursue it.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe your favourite number.

Q1.Are some numbers bad?

No, all numbers are the same, and no number is terrible. Often people attach bad memories to specific numbers, but that is an imprudent approach. Human beings have designed the numbers for their benefit; no number is superior or inferior to another.

Q2.How does number encourage us?

In the modern era, our performance pivots around the numbers we have. Like a politician wins the election based on the number of votes. Likewise, a cricketer focuses on the number of runs and wickets.

Q3.Is there anything which we cannot measure in numbers?

There are many things which we cannot measure in numbers. Firstly we cannot count on our happiness. Moreover, we cannot rely on the unabated support of our near and dear ones.

Q4.Do you believe in numerology?

Although I do love some numbers, I do not believe that our life thrives on the numbers we have. To have a successful life, we have to do numerous tasks adroitly. Due to this reason, I do not believe in numerology.

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