IELTS Vocabulary

Word: Worthwhile

Part of speech: Adjective

Meaning: Valueable

Synonyms: Useful,Useable


1. It is worthwhile for Virat Kohli to bat at the number three position.

2. It is worthwhile to use social media because it enhances and improves people’s social lives.

3. It is worthwhile to do a physical workout because the overuse of sophisticated modern technology encourages a sedentary lifestyle.

4. It is worthwhile to use sophisticated modern technology because it helps us connect freely and easily with no geographical barriers.

5. It is worthwhile for students to cover a gamut of topics before taking the examination.

6. Finding reliable solutions to the recurring problems in our environment is a worthwhile proposition because it would enhance and improve people’s lives.

7. It is worthwhile to make a career in digital marketing because its popularity will continue to flourish.

8. It is worthwhile to study within tight-time constraints because there is convincing evidence that proves that most students face timing issues while taking examinations.

9. Ascertain the extra kilometres you have to travel to get the discounted fuel and draw a comparison with your savings to understand if it is worthwhile.

10. Conducting nuclear tests was a worthwhile proposition for India because it led to a significant decline in terrorism activities from the neighbouring countries.

11. Many youngsters consider it worthwhile to gain work experience while pursuing tertiary education.

12. For every nation, it is worthwhile to invest in the education sector to provide sufficient job opportunities to the youngsters.

13. Adopting stringent yardsticks to safeguard the environment is a worthwhile proposition, as it would help us create a better world for posterity.

14. For finding reliable solutions to health problems, it is not worthwhile to take the help of the internet as it could lead to medical complications.

15. For politicians, it is worthwhile to garner the unstinted support of the corporate world as it helps them solve the pressing problems of our society.

16. Dreaming of success without doing hard work amounts to wishful thinking. Hence, it is worthwhile to engage in all pursuits with determination, dedication and discipline.

17. We cannot undermine the importance of compounding in our lives. Our daily actions lead us towards an impressive growth trajectory. Sachin Tendulkar is a prime example of this. For 24 years, he had regularly practised his cricketing shots. Every morning, Sachin used to reach the cricket stadium at 4 am. He would always consider it worthwhile to work on basics. These small tiny efforts produced collosol results for him. That is why people call him the “God of cricket”.

18. Last year, I got a piece of valuable advice from a wise man. As per him, tough times produce hard men. And hard men work with determination, dedication and discipline to build easy times. Once easy times come, people do not want their children to toil hard. And, they provide the new generation with all the comforts. Consequently, easy times produce soft men. There is no escaping the fact that soft men bring hard times. Hence, it is worthwhile for everyone to put earnest efforts, irrespective of their position. Otherwise, maintaining success would be a daunting task.

19. Our habits have the potential to make or break us. That is why parents pay excessive heed to inculcate good habits in their children. It is worthwhile to devote time to building good habits, as it leads our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory.

20. Most celebrities provide an opulent lifestyle to their children. This practice is counter-productive for them in the long run. Because working hard develops your skill-set and by encouraging the new generation to enjoy life without working hard can lead them towards the wrong trajectory. Hence, it is worthwhile for parents to keep their children focused on their goals.

21. People of the countries where healthcare and education are not businesses remain happier. Hence, it is the bounden duty of every government to provide these two services either free of cost or at subsidized rates. Keeping the corporate sector away from these two worthwhile facilities lead the nations towards an impressive growth trajectory.

22. Last month, I read an interesting article on self-improvement. It says the best way to remain away from worries is to focus on your work. Our brain cannot do multitask. When we focus on our work, our brain gets so much involved in the ongoing task, and it does not pay attention to other thoughts. Hence, to keep our worries at bay, it is worthwhile to concentrate on work.

23. There is an ongoing debate regarding the importance of domain expertise and soft skills in our lives. Some people say that knowledge of our domain helps us attain success. On the contrary, others believe it is worthwhile to focus on soft skills to lead our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory. In my opinion, polished soft skills could help as grab good opportunities. However, the knowledge of our field empowers us to have a fruitful career in the longer run. Hence a combination of both is a must-have for continual success.

24. JIO telecom created a revolution in India by providing mobile phone internet to people at throwaway prices. Many people were apprehensive regarding the price cut initiative of JIO. They have this conviction that this practice of offering data at such low rates would not be worthwhile in the long run. To their dismay, after five years of foraying in the telecom market, Jio is growing at a tremendous pace. 

25. The ancient university of India called “Nalanda” was home to students from many countries. They used to study over there under the aegis of learned monks. Many experts express solidarity with the fact that it was the first residential university across the world. This great institution ceased to exist after 1197AD due to the destruction caused by the invaders. At the dawn of the 21st century, the Indian government considered it worthwhile to revive it, and in 2010 it created a new university at the same place.

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