Describe a development in your country like shopping centre park etcetera IELTS Cue Card

Describe a development in your country like shopping centre park etcetera IELTS Cue Card

Describe a development in your country like shopping centre, park etcetera IELTS Cue Card


Describe a development in your country like shopping centre, park etcetera

You should say:

What is the development?

When you heard about it?

How did it influence you?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the topic for one-to-two minutes.

Sample 1


In this modern era, the administration of various cities is leaving no stone unturned to develop their respective areas.

Recently a new development has taken place in my area, which is a blessing for the residents.

What is the development?

The development is the construction of new parks in all cities.

When did you hear about it?

I heard about it last month when our state’s chief manager did the park’s inauguration near my residence.

How did it influence you?

The creation of the park influenced me for many reasons. Firstly I am a fitness freak, and before the inauguration of this park, I used to go to a far-off area for running. Now the park is a stone’s throw away from my home, so I save two precious hours every day.

Secondly, I am a voracious reader and love reading books. In the park, there is a library where I read the books of my choice. Last week I had to take an exam and instead of learning at home, I visited the library for preparation. The calm environment inside the library helped me pass my exam with flying colors.

Thirdly, before the inauguration of this park, my family members used to spend most of their time indoors. After the park’s inauguration, my family members started going to the park for morning and evening walks. While walking, I discussed the various issues in my brother’s life and gave him viable solutions to handle the conflicts. So the time spent at the park helped me solve my brother’s pressing problems.

In short, the park has influenced me greatly by bringing a paradigm shift to my life.

Sample 2


Due to modernisation, many developments are taking place in my country, one of them is unique and worth mentioning.

What is the development?

The development is the creation of electric car charging points across the nation. In this modern era, pollution is increasing, and the contribution of passenger cars to it is substantial.

To reduce air contamination government spent huge funds on the research and development of electric vehicles. Due to the higher authorities’ unabated support and the engineers’ earnest efforts, electric cars have made inroads in our lives.

However, the charging of these cars is a grave concern because, firstly, it takes 2-3 hours to charge, and secondly, there are insufficient charging stations.

Due to this reason, many individuals who wish to have electric cars are not buying them. Installing charging points at every nook and corner of the country would bring a paradigm shift in the market of electric vehicles.

Consequently, it would substantially reduce the pollution from passenger cars, and people from all walks of life would benefit from it.

Moreover, the amount of money spent on fuel will also nosedive because electricity cost is less than that of petrol, diesel, CNG, etc. 

When did you hear about it?

Last year I heard this news on the primary media when the Transport Minister announced this news.

How did it influence you?

The news influenced me because I was about to buy a petrol-run car, but after the arrival of this news, I changed my decision and brought an electric vehicle.

Sample 3


My country has been undergoing holistic development in the past few years due to new government initiatives. One such program is worth mentioning.

What is the development?

The development is the opening of skill development centres throughout the nation. In this modern era, the central focus of companies has changed significantly. They look for employees with basic training, and those who do not have prior experience fail to grab the job offer.

Due to this reason finding a job for a fresher is a daunting task because the school or college education needs to give them practical training. And when they go for interviews, they face rejections.

The opening of the skill development centres will bring a paradigm shift in the lives of fresh pass-outs because after pursuing a course in skill development, they can easily crack the interview.

Moreover, this development will strengthen our economy because there is an acute shortage of skilled workers in fields like welding, plumbing and machinery repair. With more skilled workforce availability, our country’s production will grow substantially.

The government has decided to impart this training free of cost. Due to this, those unemployed youths who find it challenging to get a new job will have work, which will help in nosediving poverty.

When did you hear about it?

Last year I heard this news on TV.

How did it influence you?

It influenced me because I wanted to pursue a course in digital marketing. The administration opened a skill development centre near my residence six months back. And I admitted to that, and after the training, I got a job with a decent salary package.

Sample 4


Due to the advancement of technology, many developments are taking place in my country. One of them is worth mentioning.

What is the development?

This development is the construction of dedicated cycle tracks in all major cities of India. The government’s central focus is encouraging people to commute by bicycle in the cities. For this initiative, the higher authorities have collaborated with the corporate world. Various multinational companies of our country have participated in it through the corporate social responsibility scheme of the government.

When did you hear about it?

I heard it during the last year’s Independence speech of the honourable prime minister of our country.

How did it influence you?

Firstly it has increased safety because cycle tracks decline the risk of mishaps and collisions with other road users by providing a dedicated space for cyclists. It can motivate more people to become cycling enthusiasts, especially those who have kittens about riding a bicycle on the road with motor vehicles.

Secondly, it has empowered me to do great exercise daily. Providing dedicated cycle tracks has encouraged me to pursue cycling daily, leading to better health by helping me maintain optimum weight. 

Thirdly, this development has helped create a clean and feasible transportation system by endorsing cycling via the availability of cycle tracks which help to decline air pollution and provide better air quality in urban areas.

Moreover, motivating more individuals to cycle has helped reduce traffic congestion on the roads, and it has declined the number of cars on the road leading to a substantial reduction in traffic.  


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a new development in your country like a shopping centre, park etcetera“.

1. What are the key sectors driving your country’s economic development?

The key sectors burgeoning India’s economic development are agriculture, services, and manufacturing. Apart from this services sector is increasing and, especially information technology (IT), has substantially supported the country’s development in the last decade. 

2. What are some critical challenges facing your country’s development?

Some hurdles in India’s development are a burgeoning population, a lack of skilled workforce, gender inequality, underdeveloped infrastructure, and inflation. Apart from this, there are problems concerning access to primary education and healthcare, especially in countryside areas.

3. What are some recent government initiatives to promote development in your country?

The current government is undertaking numerous initiatives to foster development in India with campaigns such as ‘Make in India,’ ‘Digital India,” Skill India,’ ‘Startup India,’ ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan,’ etc. The central focus of these initiatives is towards inclining foreign investment, strengthening innovation, developing infrastructure, and creating jobs.

4. What other developments are necessary according to you?

In my opinion, the land on the planet earth is limited, and due to the burgeoning population, the land for agriculture is reducing considerably.

In such a scenario, it is prudent to look for alternate solutions like vertical farming. Unlike horizontal farming, it doesn’t require much land area, and its usage needs to be promoted.

Secondly, clean water’s availability has reduced considerably in the last few years. Wastewater filtration is an area of concern as it is not taken seriously by various governments. The higher authorities must take corrective measures and develop the technology to provide clean water by purifying waste.


 1.Leave no stone unturned.

Meaning: Use every possible course of action to do a task.

Sentence: The invaders left no stone to dismantle the cultural heritage of India; however, despite frequent invasions, the Indian culture thrived and flourished.

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