Describe an adventure you would like to go on IELTS Cue Card

Describe an adventure you would like to go on IELTS Cue Card


Describe an adventure you would like to go on

You should say:

With whom do you want to go?
When do you want to go?
What do you want to do?

NOTE – The examiner gives you one minute to plan your answerand to help you prepare for the topic, the examiner provides you with a pencil and a notepad. You’ll have to answer the questions given on the subject for one-to-two minutes.

Sample 1


Although I have participated in numerous adventurous activities, one is pending, and I would like to do it as soon as possible.

With whom do you want to go?

I want to go with my college friends because together we have always had a wonderful time, and after passing college, we will all follow different paths and work in other places and locations. So having an adventure trip will work like a charm for us.

When do you want to go?

Our final exams will be over at the end of coming March. Immediately after taking the exams, we will visit Goa.

What do you want to do?

The main reason behind going to Goa is to enjoy the thrill of underwater swimming. Although I have done swimming in a swimming pool numerous times, it needs to have the challenges posed by swimming in the sea. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of underwater swimming.

Firstly I am bored of swimming in the pool because water has limited movement in the collection. But, on the other hand, when we swim underwater in the sea, there are numerous risks. First, we must adjust ourselves according to the tides, which come and go regularly. Apart from this, there are threats to crocodiles and other water animals. Hence the swimmer needs to remain agile every time to handle the conflict adroitly in case of an unforeseen contingency.

The other main reason for choosing underwater swimming as an adventure activity for my coming holidays is that my friends have challenged me to do it for two minutes at a stretch, and I have accepted their challenge.

Sample 2


Being a daredevil, I have done many adventures in my life. However, I have a new adventure in my mind in which I will indulge as soon as possible.

With whom do you want to go?

I want to go on this trip with my school friends. The reason for going with them is that due to the corona pandemic, we couldn’t spend time together because there was a lockdown, and we did not go the school. So by going with my friends for a long car drive from Chandigarh to Goa, I will relive the beautiful moments I had with my friends during school.

 When do you want to go?

I plan to go on this adventure trip in the coming summer holidays.

 What do you want to do?

Through this adventure trip of long drive, I want to explore many things. At the start of our trip, we will halt at the Yamuna River and swim over there. After that, we will visit various adventure sites in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. The activities we will do during the journey will be river rafting, bungee jumping, and rock climbing.

After reaching Mumbai, we will relax for one day and visit some local places to have fun. The next leg of our trip would be the journey from Mumbai to Goa which is full of scenic beauty.

After reaching Goa, we will do water sports like scuba diving, jet skiing, and snorkelling. The biggest challenge we would face is driving for such a long distance, which is daunting. To handle it adroitly, we will have six friends who will drive in rotation so that we can drive safely.

Sample 3


Due to my busy schedule, I have yet to do many adventure activities. Due to this reason, I have planned an adventure trip.

With whom do you want to go?

I want to go with my college friends. It is my last year in college, and in the coming March, all our mates will part ways and work in the fields of our choice. So it would be our last trip together because many of my friends would move abroad for greener pastures, and I would occasionally meet them.

When do you want to go?

I want to go in the coming summer.

What do you want to do?

The adventure I would like to do is river rafting. To do this, I have to go to Rishikesh, which is in the Uttrakhand state of India.

The adventure of river rafting provides numerous benefits. Firstly it is an exciting activity. It delivers a thrilling experience because we no doubt wear protective gear while doing it, but the fear is always there because the raft takes numerous turns. We can drown anytime.

I want to challenge myself by doing it because participating means stepping out of my comfort zone.

Moreover, today’s lifestyle thrives primarily on electronic gadgets and devices to pass our leisure time. Like other youngsters, I also spend a sizeable portion of my time playing games on my smartphone, and this activity has taken the thrill out of my life. So engaging in river rafting is like doing a thing beyond the conventional domain.

Lastly, last year, I learnt how to swim. So I want to test myself that the confidence of being a swimmer would help me to avoid getting on swimmingly with river rafting.

Sample 4


Although I have done many adventures, one has been pending for a long time, and I will do it soon.

With whom do you want to go?

I will go on the adventure trip with my family to spend quality time with my parents and sister.

When do you want to go?

In the coming summers, I will have plenty of time at my disposal because I will get a two-month break from my study, and I will utilize that time for my adventure trip.

What do you want to do?

I want to go on a long drive in my car, covering two countries, India and Sri Lanka. It will be an extremely long drive because I will cover a distance of 1,000 km.

The drive will start from North India and kick ass through mant=y states of South India. I will halt at places of particular interest because the southern part of India has excellent worth seeing places. My journey would cover most of the tourist spots coming on my way.

Apart from this, being a food enthusiast, I will leave no stone unturned to taste the most mouth-watering delicacies from different cities on the way. To do so, I have watched the videos of various food bloggers on Youtube. Based on the information from those videos, I will take a halt to pamper my appetite.

 After reaching the city of Tuticorin, my car I will Drive board a Colombo-bound ferry and drive it out in the streets of the Sri Lankan capital. I will visit the various sites of Ramayan in Sri Lanka and spend some time at Adam’s Bridge.

Sample 5


Being an adventure enthusiast, I would like to go on a backpacking trip covering all the continents.

With whom do you want to go?

I want to go on this trip alone because you do not get complete independence when you go with someone.

When do you want to go?

This trip would be expensive because it includes air travel, so firstly, I will amass money for five years, and then I will make a move.

What do you want to do?

I want to have a beyond-the-conventional domain experience. To make my backpacking trip successful, I would like to travel to the remote corners of the world with places like Antarctica and Greenland.

In most cases, when we travel, we look at the main tourist attractions where there is a lot of footfall, but we do not visit those areas which do not get enough publicity from the local travel agents. For example, most travelers who go to Thailand visit Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. However, due to a lack of awareness, they are not worth visiting places like Hua Hin and Karabi.

So on my trip, I will only visit the places which get a few promotions. Instead, I will see those away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and tourist places.

Apart from this, during the trip, I will leave no stone unturned to adopt the lifestyle of the native population so that I can learn about their culture and traditions. Because visiting tourist places is not traveling, exploring the unexplored is fun.

Sample 6


Although I have had numerous adventures, this time, I would like to do something beyond the conventional domain.

With whom do you want to go?

I want to go solo for this adventure.

When do you want to go?

I will go on this trip in October because the weather is pleasant during that time.

What do you want to do?

I want to go on a 200 km cycling trip.

Umpteen reasons push me to do so. Firstly, I want to challenge myself. During my childhood, I did numerous tasks to challenge myself; however, with time, I got into the cities and gritty of the daily routine and never got time to live a life of thrill. The adventurer inside me is dying a slower death, and to bounce back, I would like to embark on this journey because going for long drives in my car no longer appeals to me.

Going on a bike would check my physical and mental endurance. In your car, it is damn easy to go for a trip because the automobile does most of the work, and you just need to steer it. On the other hand, while cycling, we have to use the power of our legs to move from one place to another. It checks our physical strength; stepping out of our comfort zone requires mental toughness, and going on this trip will give me a tough time.

While cycling, I will move slowly and experience nature in full swing. The path I will travel consists of hills and numerous water bodies. I will take a halt every five kilometers to have a gala time.

Sample 7


Being an adventure enthusiast, I have planned a trip.

With whom do you want to go?

For this trip, I will go with my college classmates.

When do you want to go?

In the coming summers, I will go for it.

What do you want to do?

I want to go on a cycling trip to the hills.

I have planned this adventure because I feel bored doing the same things repeatedly. That is why I would like to do something beyond the conventional domain this time. People have been going to hills on cars and motorbikes for ages because that is damn easy. On the contrary, riding a bike on the mountain is daunting because when you go uphill, you need a lot of stamina, and while coming down, you need a lot of control. Hence it checks your patience at all stages.

Moreover, through this adventure, I will check my physical endurance. I have spent hours in the gym to strengthen my muscles, and now the time has come to put my fitness to the test. This adventure would test my determination, dedication, and discipline, and I am damn sure that I will come out as a tough person after this trip.

Apart from this, another reason is that this is my last year in my college. Spend quality time with friends. I share a close bond with my classmates, and I know very well that after graduation, we all friends will follow different trajectories and will rarely get a chance to be together.

This adventure trip would be a tribute to the beautiful moments we have had in our college. By going on this trip together, we all friends will have a gala time together which will remain etched in our memories.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe an adventure you would like to go on”.

1. What kind of personality should a person have to be able to take risks?

The biggest stumbling block for a person who wishes to take risks is the fear of failure. First, confidence is a must-have skill for a person to become fit for taking risks. Apart from this, he should have the courage to persist with determination, dedication, and discipline despite failures. Lastly, he should have the courage to handle the conflicts adroitly in case of unforeseen contingencies.

2. Do adventures expand your horizons?

Adventures extract the best out of us by encouraging us to think beyond the conventional domain. Moreover, they empower us to come out of our comfort zone. Lastly, they bring out our hidden talents.

3. What kind of people love adventure? What specific age group?

It’s the youngsters who have this uncanny knack for trying new adventures. Moreover, most adventures require immense physical endurance, which young people have at their disposal. However, certain senior citizens who are mentally strong also try their hands at adventures.

4. Which adventure stories in books or adventure films are more attractive? 

Creating a visual representation of the challenge or adventure makes it much more thrilling. So, my vote goes to adventure films. That doesn’t mean books are bad, but I regard it nearly unattainable to depict the hardship of the adventure through written content. Although, there are some outstanding authors like George R.R Martin and J.K Rowling who have accomplished it with their unique method of explaining things and scenarios.

5. How does adventure contribute to personal growth and development?

Adventure is a reliable medium for personal growth and development in different ways. Firstly, it alters the mindset of individuals and prompts them to come out of their comfort zones, empowering them to encounter fears, build resilience, and create confidence. It promotes a feeling of self-discovery by contesting limits and discovering hidden powers.

Adventure develops problem-solving skills, adaptability, and decision-making capabilities as individuals guide unexpected problems. It promotes growth as individuals learn from failures and embrace new experiences. Moreover, adventure usually concerns teamwork, enabling adequate communication, collaboration, and trust-building. Eventually, the transformative nature of adventure experiences entrusts individuals to overpower hurdles, widen their viewpoints, and produce a more generous sense of self-awareness and individual fulfilment.

6. What are some popular adventure activities to try on a trip?

A few worth trying adventure exercises on a trip are hiking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, zip-lining, bungee jumping, skydiving, scuba diving, and safari tours. These exhilarating workouts deliver prospects to examine nature, push your limits, and undergo an adrenaline rush. Whether you like ground, water, or air-based experiences, countless options are available to serve your attractions and provide an exciting adventure.

7. How can beginners prepare physically and mentally for their first adventure trip?

For efficient planning of an adventure expedition, novices should commence with physical training, concentrating on hiking, biking, or swimming to create energy and power. Mental preparation includes exploring the destination and activities, comprehending probable risks, and mentally training for conflicts. Establishing practical goals and keeping a positive attitude works like a charm. Further, seeking advice from professional adventurers or joining adventure parties can increase confidence and deliver valuable understandings for a thriving trip.


1. At your disposal

Meaning: Available for you to use at any time

Sentence: During last weekend I had enough time at my disposal to relax.

2. Uncanny Knack

Meaning: Strange Habit

Sentence: Those who have this uncanny knack for not eating breakfast encounter numerous health problems.

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