Talk about an elementary school teacher you have a good memory of IELTS Cue Card

Talk about an elementary school teacher you have a good memory of IELTS Cue Card

Talk about an elementary school teacher you have a good memory of IELTS Cue Card


Talk about an elementary school teacher you have a good memory

Please say
– who he/she was
– what subject he/she taught
– what memory you have of him/her
– and explain why you think this is a good memory

Sample Answer


There is no denying this conviction that school time is the best period of our life and the quality time spent with our teachers and friends always remain etched in our memories.

Although I have studied under the aegis of numerous teachers, one of them is special to me, and I share good memories with him.

 Who he/she was

During my elementary schooling, I received unabated support from my teacher.

What subject was he/she taught?

She taught me English.

What memory do you have of him/her?

In my childhood, I stayed in the countryside: However, due to my father’s job, my family shifted to Chandigarh city. Due to my village background, I was weak at English and found it quite challenging to understand the classes provided by the teachers.

Seeing my plight, the English subject teacher came to the rescue. Instead of focusing on grammar, she told me to stress vocabulary. Initially, I had found it challenging to attain fluency, but she worked with determination, dedication and discipline to instil confidence in me.

And due to her earnest efforts, I became a fluent speaker in a short span of three months.

And explain why you think this is a good memory?

The time spent with my teacher is a good memory because, under her guidance, I turned into an expert. Today I have a plum job with a handsome salary, and the credit for this goes to my English teacher of the school.

She brought a paradigm shift in my life and led it towards an impressive growth trajectory.

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