Describe a good service you received IELTS cue card

Describe a good service you received


Describe a good service you received.

You should say
What was the service?
When you received it?
Who you were with?
An how you felt about it?

Sample Answer 1


In this contemporary epoch, the reputation of the companies thrives primarily on the services provided by them. Some companies pay excessive heed to provide good service, whereas others get poor ratings for terrible service.

Recently I have received please customer service from one company.

What was the service?

Last month I purchased airdrops of “Boat”.Upon my request, the company replaced the product. When I had realised that there was a problem with the charging point of the product, I immediately called customer service. The concerned person had listened to my request patiently and committed to replace the product as soon as possible.

When you received it?, and Who you were with?

The best part was that the replacement came in just one day, that too at my doorstep. I was with my family members while receiving the replaced product.

And how you felt about it?

The whole experience turned out to be highly satisfying. 

I was under the impression that the replacement would come in a week or so. To my surprise next after making the complaint, I received my new airdrops.

I never expected such quick service, and I was so overwhelmed with the flawless customer service. To further enhance the reputation of the “Boat” brand, I have shared my experience on various platforms like Instagram, Quora and Medium etc.

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