Describe something you did that made you feel proud IELTS Cue Card

Describe something you did that made you feel proud IELTS Cue Card

Describe something you did that made you feel proud IELTS Cue Card


Describe something you did that made you feel proud

You should say:

What it was
How you did it
What difficulty you had
How you deal with the difficulty
And explain why you felt proud of it

Sample 1

Being a curious person, I keep learning new things; some make me feel dejected, and some make me feel proud, especially when I am successful. Today, I would like to talk about a skill I learned that made me proud. During COVID, I was sitting at home, and running the show was difficult because I didn’t have money. 

At that point, I started looking for solutions on the Internet. I wanted to start something online to earn money. From there, I learned that I could earn money by selling things online. To do so, I did a lot of research on the Internet. I came across various websites and platforms, but the task took work. 

So, finally, I joined an online course, and from there, I learned the tricks of the trade regarding making money online. After learning that, I started implementing those tricks, and it was a damn difficult task because I did not have money to run ads to sell my products.

So, I had to write my content so a reader would come to my website, read the content, and buy the product. Due to a lot of competition, this was a difficult task, but I worked with determination, dedication, and discipline, and I started writing two to three pieces of content daily. Moreover, I did a lot of keyword research. 

From there, I learned what type of searches people were making. By following this practice, I worked hard for six months, and eventually, I got my first deal, my first closure. It was a sale of a laptop on which I made about 5000 rupees, and that success gave me confidence. After that, I worked more confidently and built a business. Nowadays, I have a full-fledged website on which I sell products. Moreover, I have tabs with websites like Amazon and Flipkart. 

I feel very proud of my achievement because I built something from scratch, and despite not having money, I still had hope. I kept expending too much energy, which worked like a charm.

Sample 2

Many things in my life have made me feel proud, but one thing I remember very clearly and is very much in my mind is around 4 years ago. There was an SDM office where the road was very small. The road was not very big, and there were a lot of trees on the roadside.

The road was not a big problem, but the SDM wanted to cut all the trees and extend the road. The trees were going from my school towards the SDM office near me. Many houses and other structures were falling apart on the road.

There were all of my school friends and the local people. We all protested against that in front of the SDM’s office, which was a very good point, and against the idea that we should not cut trees.

Nowadays, global warming is increasing at a very high rate, and it is very hard to get oxygen. If there were no trees, there would be less ventilation and suffocation outside homes and in the open world. So we had a protest going on. We did that protest for 8 days, which was a very hard protest for all of us.

Walking around 5-6 km from our school to the SDM’s office daily, we must walk daily. We had banners and many other things, which helped us clarify our point. The actual gift from that protest we got was that the trees there are still standing now on. After 5 years, we all are very happy when we go through that road.

We see those trees and remember our hard work at that time, which gave us the good gift of our hard work. I think it was a very good thing, and I am proud of the protest we did about five years ago.

Sample 3

As far as I know, I have been proud of myself many times. Still, one incident I clearly remember was a competition held by a photography museum in a local museum, which was a photography competition. I was very interested in photography then, and my father also gifted me a Canon 796 camera on my birthday, which was very costly.

I decided to use this to do something well, as that competition also had money prizes for the first and second positions. I participated in it and clicked some pictures of the museum. The competition was that we had to click pictures of the photos and the items kept in the museum, post them on the internet, and check whose photos got more views, likes, and virality.

I clicked five to seven pictures of the museum from the inner and outer sides, and I also made a 30-second clip of the museum with some editing and good software and good texting software and music. I made that into a very nice and pleasing video. I then posted them both on a new channel on Instagram and as far as I know, I saw the hype going towards my channel as after five days only, there were 1 million views on my reel and 500k views on the photo.

There were 200k likes on my reel, and 10k likes on the photo, which was a considerable amount, and the other competitors didn’t even have 10k views on their pictures and reels. It went viral very severely, and that account also gained many followers later than I won the competition, and I was gifted 20k as a prize from the museum as compensation. After that, thanks to those two posts, I saw that my Instagram account was increasing.

Then, I decided to make more video clips and post them on Instagram, as I had a good camera, and it was a minor deal for me to do this. Then, I started to visit some of the monuments, local monuments, local museums, libraries, and other places and posted some videos. Regarding the themed videos, I added some excellent songs and posted them.

I clearly remember that my account reached perfect hype, and I also started earning money from the YouTube channel, which I made side by side as it got monetized, and I started getting paid a very nice amount. Soon enough, I got back the amount of the camera I had invested in, and after that, I also earned a lot of money. But now I have closed that job as I have a more suitable job and it was an excellent job as it was only a side passion.

But I am very proud of that time. I still have that YouTube channel; sometimes, I post one to two videos a month when I get time. It would be very nice for me as it was an excellent opportunity to follow up.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card: “Describe something you did that made you feel proud”.

Which one is more important, personal goals or work goals?

 Personal goals are more critical than work goals because what can be done if a person is mentally stable and feeling good? Individual goals should be preferred first because they make you feel happy from the inside, so work can be done quickly if your personal goals are achieved first. 

Have your life goals changed since your childhood?

Yes, my life goals have changed since childhood. In my childhood, everyone wanted to enjoy life, like playing or watching movies. But after getting to a certain age, like in the teen years, the mindset changes to be more stable in your life, for example, having a proper job to manage all your expenses, so the goals change with age. 

Does everyone set goals for themselves? 

Yes, everyone sets goals for themselves because it’s how they live. We have to live a life for some goal at least so that it can be more entertaining and exciting.

Many people nowadays aim to achieve more success by gaining more and more money and getting rich.

 What kind of rewards are involved in this work? 

The rewards, I think, are if a person works so hard for the company or the business and gets and gives extra hours to that work so his salary can be increased, or on any festival, he can get bonuses to feel happy. He can be given some food, water, or tea so that he can be relaxed.

What material rewards are more important than rewards at work?

 Gifts or cash are given on festivals or special days because the clients or workers feel happy after receiving that award. After all, it’s something given to them that is more than their salary.

What makes people proud of themselves? 

People are proud of themselves when they succeed because they aim to gain success by becoming more successful and passionate. 

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