Describe a famous athlete you know IELTS cue card

Describe a famous athlete you know

Describe a famous athlete you know

IELTS Cue Card Topic

Describe a famous athlete you know.

You should say
Who he/she is?
How do you know him/her?
What has he/she achieved?
And explain why he/she is famous?

Sample Answer 1


Although I know numerous popular athletes and sportspersons, today, I am going to discuss a Ukrainian athlete who has carved out a niche for himself in the pole vault game.

Who he/she is?

How do you know him/her? and What has he/she achieved?

  • He is the only athlete in this world who has broken his own record thirty two times. Being a sports enthusiast and voracious reader, I have read a lot about him in various magazines and books.

And explain why he/she is famous?

  • He is so famous for his achievements in the Olympic games. 
  • Due to his ability to break his records, he became a rising star in the 1980″s
  • The game of pole vault became famous after his arrival. 
  • Despite a humble beginning, he worked with determination, dedication and discipline.
  • In his budding years as a player, he was not much successful.
  • His persistent failures prompted him to think beyond the conventional domain.
  • After making slight adjustments in his running style, he moved his athletics career towards an impressive growth trajectory.
  • These days he works as a Senior Vice President of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)
  • Apart from being a sportsperson, he is a philanthropist too.
  • I regularly follow his updates on Twitter and Instagram,
  • He is an active social entrepreneur, and he works tremendously hard to solve the pressing problems of our society.
  • There is no denying this conviction that famous people need to work in tandem with the general public to create mass awareness in society.
  • He does not shy away from voicing his opinion on the grave concerns of the modern world.
  • He has donated a sizeable portion of his lifelong earnings as charity.
  • Due to these qualities, he is my role model.


  • After going through his biography, a paradigm shift has taken place in my thinking process. Whenever I get stuck at the same level, I get inspiration from the life of Sergey Bubka.

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