Describe a bike/motorcycle /car trip you would like to go on IELTS cue card

Describe a bike/motorcycle /car trip you would like to go on

Describe a bike/motorcycle /car trip you would like to go on


Describe a bike/motorcycle /car trip you would like to go on

Where you would like to go?

Who you would like to go with?

When you would like to go?

Explain why would you like to go by Car?

Sample Answer 1


Being a voracious traveller, I tend to go for journeys in my car. Since I haven’t visited any place in the last two years, I would make a visit to a hill station next month.

Where you would like to go?

I would like to visit Shimla.

Who you would like to go with?

To make the journey enjoyable, my friends will accompany me.

When you would like to go?

I live in the northern part of India that experiences scorching heat from April to September. The prominent reason for going to Shimla is to get relief from the relentless heat.

Explain why would you like to go by Car?

Due to Corona Pandemic, our country is in a state of lockdown. Due to this reason our college was suddenly closed last year. And we all friends have not met each other for a long time.

While having the journey through the car, I would get a chance to spend some quality time with friends.

Moreover, our trip would be for ten days, we would be carrying plenty of things with us such as groceries, blankets and room heaters plus clothes. Since the boot space in my Suv is enormous, we won’t be having many problems in carrying the essentials,

Apart from this, the journey to Shimla is enticing. A plethora of places, such as Kasauli, Barog and many others, would come our way.

When you are in a car, it is comfortable for you to take a halt. So due to these reasons, I would like to go to Shimla in my car.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a bike/motorcycle /car trip you would like to go on”.

1. Do you like to travel by car?

Yes, I like to travel by car. Whenever I go through a two-wheeler or public transport, I do not enjoy the trip. Travelling in the car provides more freedom, and you get the luxury of making a stop wherever you decide.

2. Is it easy to hire a cab in your nation?

Due to the advent of companies like Ola and Uber, it is easy to book a cab. These days a large section of society possesses smartphones, and with a few clicks, they can hire a taxi.

3. What’s the future of electric cars?

In the last few decades, pollution has grown manifold. Millions of people are suffering from respiratory disorders. There is no denying this conviction that passenger cars are a contributing factor in environmental contamination. Slowly and steadily, people are becoming aware of the disastrous repercussions of pollution. And, they have started working in tandem with the higher authorities to undo the environmental damage.

Due to this reason, the popularity of electric cars is growing at a tremendous pace. Many European nations have planned to stop the production of petrol and diesel cars. Hence, electric automobiles will enjoy enormous success in the future.

4. How can car journeys be made safer?

To make car journeys safe, people have to work in collaboration with the higher authorities. First and foremost, the government needs to organise awareness campaigns. The central focus of such initiatives should be on educating people regarding the significance of safe driving. Apart from this, offenders should get stringent punishment. Lastly, the car manufacturing companies need to work on extra safety for the passengers in case of any unforeseen contingency.

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