Instant gratification: IELTS Vocabulary

Instant gratification

Instant gratification: IELTS Vocabulary

IELTS Vocabulary

Collocation: Instant gratification

Meaning: Instant gratification is the on-the-spot impulse to experience a satisfaction. When someone does some action and gains immediate positive outcomes from that deed, this is called instant gratification.


  1. There is convincing evidence that sophisticated technology has provided the youngsters with numerous gadgets which have turned out to be counter-productive for the new generation. The prominent reason is these devices offer instant gratification, and due to that, there is a considerable reduction in crucial face to face interactions.
  2. The advances in technology have made substantial contributions to the way youngsters spend their leisure time. And numerous devices, these days are leading their lives towards the wrong trajectory by provoking them to run after instant gratification.
  3. Many people are going through a lean patch in their lives. The apparent reason for this failure is their continuous search for instant gratification. Instead of doing something worthwhile, they direct their focus on running after temporary entertainment that soothes their mind for a short time but is detrimental in the long run.
  4. People must refrain from falling prey to comminatory habits, for example, having excessive fatty food and playing computer games for hours and hours. The apparent reason is that such habits lead to disastrous repercussions on our physical and mental health. In pursuit of instant gratification, we indulge in these activities, little knowing that they are detrimental to our well-being.
  5. His near and dear ones advise him to refrain from eating junk food and follow a healthy lifestyle, but he has this uncanny knack for having fattening food to pamper his appetite. Later on, he told me that he gets instant gratification from it, that is why he has carried on with such a bad habit.
  6. On the one hand, technology empowers youngsters to connect freely and easily with no geographical barriers. On the other hand, it restricts their cognitive development because a few gadgets make young people run after instant gratification.
  7. There is no denying this conviction that the popularity of electronic gadgets is growing manifold because they provide us with reliable solutions to recurring problems in our life. However, it is intuitively true that excess of everything is bad, and too much indulgence in electronic devices leads youngsters towards instant gratification.
  8. In several developing countries, there is a substantial rise in social media applications usage: due to this reason, the sales of electronic devices have grown manifold. This development could be counterproductive for the youngsters because they waste their quality time in pursuit of getting instant gratification.

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