Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like IELTS Cue Card

Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like

Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like


Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like.

You should say:

  • when and where it happened
  • who he or she was
  • why you didn’t like this person
  • and explain why you were friendly to him or her on that occasion.

Sample Answer 1


Being an altruist person, I like to help my near and dear ones. Recently I became friendly with a person whom I didn’t like.

When and where it happened? and Who he/she was?

Last year due to the corona pandemic, my city was in a state of lockdown.

Being a hosteler, I had to spend that period in my hostel room.

During that time, one of my classmates named Andrew went unwell. Although I was reluctant to help him due to the differences we had, I became friendly to him.

Why you didn’t like this person?

I didn’t share a good relationship with him back then because of various arguments we had had on numerous occasions.

Explain why you were friendly to him/her on that occasion.

I was friendly with him because, during that time, he was in a state of depression. Due to lockdown, he couldn’t go out and had to rely on telemedicine for his treatment. With time he had developed this attitude that he wouldn’t be able to survive.

Upon knowing his plight, I had decided to leave the differences behind and help him.

When I met him, I realized that he had lost hope. To make him come out of this unfortunate situation, I befriended him. For one week, I provided him with much needed emotional support.In my company his attitude underwent a paradigm shift.

Due to my efforts and the doctor’s advice, Andrew came out of depression. After that day, we both became bosom friends.


Although having differences is a part of our lives, we should forget the past and help those we do not like.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “Describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like”.

1. Why are people friendly with the person they don’t like?

In this modern era, irrespective of our likings and dislikings, we have to be friendly with others. Because our efficiency thrives primarily on the kinds of relationships we have. By being friendly with all the people, we create an impression that we believe in having cordial relations. Moreover, people of the contemporary epoch have realized this thing by being nice to everyone they could climb the ladder to success easily.

2. What kinds of people are usually friendly?

People who have fewer expectations from others tend to remain happier than those who have this uncanny knack of expecting a lot from others. When we work on our relationships and do not seek anything in return, happiness makes inroads in our lives.

3. What are the differences between being friendly and polite?

A polite person shows good manners while talking to others in terms of behaviour and speech. Whereas, a friendly person acts in a non-threatening manner, by showing kindness towards others.

4. What do you think about people who are always straightforward?

Being a straight word is a double-edged sword. Sometimes it helps you to make substantial gains in life. On the other hand, it could be detrimental for you if the situation demands diplomatic handling. Therefore, one needs to make a prudent choice before going straightforward.

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