Describe a city that you think is very interesting IELTS Cue Card

Describe a city that you think is very interesting IELTS Cue Card

Describe a city that you think is very interesting IELTS Cue Card


Describe a city that you think is very interesting

Where it is?

What it is famous for?

How do you know this city?

And explain why you think it is very interesting?

Sample Answer 1


Being a voracious traveller, I have travelled to many cities. Out of the long list, I have there is one city which I think is very interesting.

Where it is?

The name of the city is Thimpu, it is the capital of Bhutan, and it falls under Asia.

What it is famous for?

This city is famous for its clean and pristine environment. A sizeable number of tourists visit this place to relax under the arms of nature.

How do you know this city?

Being a travel enthusiast, I have this uncanny knack for visiting offbeat locations. While reading from Wikipedia, I gained information regarding Thimpu city. And to gain experience beyond the conventional domain, I have travelled to it umpteen times. 

And explain why you think it is very interesting?

Post industrialisation, most cities have massive infrastructure and uncontrolled pollution. However, Thimpu city is an exception.

Firstly this city doesn’t have much carbon footprint. And the reason for that is the natives of this place treat nature as god. According to them, saving the environment is akin to worship.

Apart from this, the city doesn’t have much hustle and bustle. People prefer to walk on foot rather than moving here and there on vehicles. Due to this reason, people living over have more patience as compared to the natives of other cities I have visited.

Moreover, the eatables available in the restaurants of Thimpu city are not only delicious but also healthy. The locals serve the food to the tourists in a consummate manner. The love and affection I have received from the people of this city are etched in my memories.


The world must have more such cities to make it a liveable place.

Sample Answer 2


Being an avid traveller, I have visited numerous places. However, there is one city which I have found interesting.

Where it is?

It is in the middle east. The name of the city is Dubai, and it is the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

What it is famous for?

Dubai is famous for many things. The first and foremost is shopping. Millions of tourists come here to purchase fashionable clothing, gold, diamond and many other things.

The second famous thing in Dubai is the tallest tower named “Burj Khalifa”.This city has carved out a niche by displaying such a masterpiece. The city authorities have left no stone unturned to provide a world-class experience to the visitors to this tower.

The other major attraction in Dubai is the desert safari. Although I have done many off-roading tours in my life, this one is remarkable. The itinerary consists of many other features, and visitors get an opportunity to taste various mouth-watering delicacies from throughout the world.

How do you know this city?

I know this city because I have visited it umpteen times. Moreover, being a voracious reader, I have read numerous blogs and websites on it.

And explain why you think it is very interesting?

This city sounds interesting because it is the perfect epitome of perfection. The authorities have constructed a masterpiece in a barren land.

Moreover, the city boasts of its growing infrastructure. Earlier, this city developed due to oil reserves: however, now it is not at the mercy of its petroleum products. The development of this city has blessed it with numerous options to strengthen its economy.

Sample Answer 3


Although I have visited numerous cities in my life, I have found one of them the most interesting.

Where it is?

The city name is Port Blair, and it is the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar islands. It is close to the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea.

What it is famous for?

It is famous for numerous things. The most prominent place to see is ‘The Cellar Jail”.When Britishers had ruled India, they used this prison for the freedom fighters. The authorities organise a light and sound show every day to appraise the people about the atrocities done to the prisoners. I had a tear in my eyes after watching the show.

The other famous place in Portblair is Havelock Island, it is popular for Radhanagar beach that is among the top ten beaches in India.

How do you know this city?

I came to know about this city from the books. Moreover, I visited this place two years back during the summer holidays.

And explain why you think it is very interesting?

This place is interesting because it is different from other places for holidays. Although Portlblair has all the attributes of a good destination for a perfect vacation, it doesn’t have much hustle and bustle.

Moreover, the city has less carbon footprint because the residents focus on maintaining natural beauty. It was a fascination to see that no shopkeeper uses plastic bags. Furthermore, the drainage system of the city is world-class.

Finally, considering all the positives, I staunchly believe that Portbair is the most interesting city I have ever visited.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card “Describe a city that you think is very interesting”.

1. Why do some people like to visit historical places?

People go to historical places for three reasons. Firstly, some people love to know about the past, by visiting historical attractions they gain information related to gone eras.

Moreover, some individuals get bored by visiting shopping malls and amusement parks, as they want to do something beyond the conventional domain. Due to this reason, they visit historical places because they get knowledge of a different subject.

Lastly, some people research historical places. They find valuable inputs from historical places.

2. Why do people go to modern city

There are many reasons for going to historical places. The first and foremost is entertainment. Most contemporary cities provide innumerable options for entertainment, such as shopping malls and amusement parks. People from different places come to cities to pass their leisure time.

Secondly, modern cities provide quality education. Learners from different parts get an opportunity to study in renowned schools, colleges and universities. Moreover, there are a plethora of skill development institutes in urban areas, which provide job-oriented training.

Lastly, people visit cities to get better healthcare facilities. Most modern cities have multi-speciality hospitals which provide quality medical treatment.

3. What are the problems caused by maintaining a historical city?

Two problems result from maintaining historical cities. First and foremost, it weakens the economy because the administration requires substantial funds, for the upkeep of the infrastructure.

Moreover, it causes inconvenience to the natives of that place. Sometimes they have to move to a different place because of government policies.

4. Do you think having too many tourists is a positive thing for historical attractions?

In my opinion, excess of everything is bad. There is no denying this conviction that having too many tourists could generate more revenue for the government and the locals. But it puts a burden on the city’s infrastructure, due to that the maintenance of historical attractions become a daunting task.

Moreover, it leads to more pollution that is detrimental for historical attractions.

5. What can we do to stop visitors from damaging historical places?

A few visitors have this uncanny knack for damaging historical places. To tame such miscreants, the higher authorities need to think beyond the conventional domain.

The first possible action that the government must take is to use technology to track the offenders. All the historical monuments should have CCTV surveillance. The benefit it serves is that it acts as a deterrent for the miscreants.

Moreover, authorities must frame stringent guidelines. Those who cause damage needs to be put behind the bars. Taking harsh steps would set the right precedent and refrain the offenders from doing damage.

6. Do you think too many tourists is a positive thing for historical attractions?

Havings two many tourists have both pros and cons. The pros are as follows:

  1. It generates revenue for the government and the locals. It helps both of them, as many businesses thrive primarily on tourism.
  2. It spreads awareness of the historical attractions throughout the world.


1. The city becomes polluted due to traffic congestion.

7. Why do some young people like to live in cities?

Some young people like to live in cities due to two reasons. Firstly cities provide too many sources of entertainment.

Secondly, the earnings are higher in cities than in rural areas.

8. Do most elderly people live in the city or the countryside?

The elderly know the benefit of spending life in the arms of nature, that is why a large percentage of senior citizens live in the countryside.

9. Do you think well-developed tourism will have negative effects on local people?

I think well-developed tourism leads to traffic congestion in cities. This is a massive disadvantage for the locals. Apart from this, no other negative effect is there.

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