Describe a new development in your country like shopping centre park etcetera IELTS Cue Card

Describe a new development in your country like shopping centre park etcetera IELTS Cue Card

Describe a new development in your country like shopping centre park etcetera IELTS Cue Card


Describe a new development in your country like shopping centre park etcetera

You should say:

What and where the development is

What it was like before

How long it took to complete it

How people feel about it

And explain how it has improved the area you live in

Sample 1

With the advancement of technology, many developments are taking place worldwide, and my area is no exception. Many new developments have occurred in the last five years, one of which is recent and worth mentioning. 

The development is in the heart of my city. There was an area of barren land, and nothing was there. So people used to use it like a dump yard, throwing all the trash over there. 

Due to that, this area was static and looked filthy, and many people complained to the administration regarding the dire streets in this area. So, the administration took strict action. It took one year to complete it. The area has now been converted into a park with a beautiful landscape and a fountain area. 

Apart from that, there is a dedicated area where many wind chimes are installed. So whenever there is a wind, the music from those wind chimes works like a charm. Furthermore, it has improved the scenic beauty of the city. So people feel excellent about it because their fitness has improved considerably. After all, people from all walks of life come here to exercise. 

All in all, it has led to a paradigm shift in the area where Levin is located because the nearby areas have also changed. When you have a beautiful park in front of you, the people also start maintaining their outdoor good. So that has happened. The pile of dust has gone, and there’s no dump yard; there is a beautiful park and garden. So, it has improved the scenic beauty of the interior.

Sample 2

Well, there have been several developments in my country in the last few decades, but one development that is very useful to the people is a new park that has been made in phase 7. It is Sylvie Park.

It is a vast park covering 9 acres. It has a jogging path and many plants and swings for children. It benefits ordinary people, as older adults work their jog in the morning, and some older adults also do yoga there.

In the evening, the children play many games like cricket and football, and young children of young age also like to use the swings there. The park is handy as it helps the people to be surrounded by greenery, is situated in many house facilities, and promotes a perfect lifestyle.

Sylvie Park also helps people have good oxygen and a pleasant environment. Global warming is increasing, and parks are significant for good weather and conditions. It is a perfect point for my city to build this new park, and I would like to see more parks in the next few years.

Sample 3

Although I belong to a small village, there have been many developments in that village over time, and it has been a very increasing and developing countryside area. But an excellent development recently is a park that opened near our town. It is a small park, around 5000 square yards, and it is not so big but is very useful.

On one side, it has gym machinery open gym with some of the pull-ups, sit-ups and cycling machines. On the other side, it has swings for small kids and a badminton cum volleyball court it has. Kids also play cricket and football there, which is beneficial for our village’s development as it has helped many people.

The older adults go there in the morning and walk around as it has a perfect walking path, and children come there and play in the evening. Before that time, the children had no space to play; they used to play on the roads. It was hazardous as sometimes if the ball hit any house, it would break their windows, and there were always cars and buses going on in the roads, so it was hazardous for the kids to play there. But now the new park it is a perfect point as it also helps children to play.

Building that park is a perfect idea, and I would like to see more of this type of development in my village. There is also planning for a shopping centre in my town, which would be perfect as there is no good shopping centre nearby.


Here are some examples of follow-up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to the cue card: “Describe a new development in your country like a shopping centre, park, etcetera”.

Is public transportation popular in India? 

Public transport is popular in India because many people prefer to travel by bus, taxi, or other medium. After all, if they do not have any vehicles of their own, are busy, and want to go to a place very nearby, they can opt for public transport. 

What can be done to improve public transport services in your hometown? 

The public transport system needs to be improved in my town because there are few buses, so people have to wait for long hours. The buses should arrive at a gap of half an hour so that people can easily access them, but they are coming after 4-5 hours, so it may be difficult for people to access that opportunity. So, the buses should be more, and the expenses should be less.

What leisure facilities could be used by people of all ages? 

Leisure facilities like parks and gardens can be assessed by all the people of the society or the town because, in the evening or morning, people are more interested in walking or jogging, so they can do that and children in the evening want to play or want to relax so that they can play and relax there. 

Do you think young people in your country would like to go to the cinema? 

Yes, young people in our country like to go to the cinema because they are very interested in watching movies as entertainment. Hence, they are likelier to visit cinema halls in the malls or our city areas, so they prefer watching movies in cinema halls to watching at home or mobile. 

How is the subway system developing in your country?

 The subway system in my town or city is not that developed, but it can be created after 5-6 years. Nowadays, it is not; people are using the older means of transport, such as trains and buses.

What transportation do you use the most? 

The transport I use the most is buses because they are widely used in our area and arrive on time, allowing me to reach my location. 

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