Describe something you received for free IELTS cue card

Describe something you received for free IELTS cue card

Describe something you received for free IELTS cue card


Describe something you received for free

You should say:
What it was?
Who you received it from?
Where you received it?And how you felt about it?

Sample Answer 1


Being a lucky person, I have received many free things in my life. Recently I received a gift for free.

What it was? and Who did you receive it from? Where did you receive it? 

I received a laptop for free from the bank. I have an account with the bank, as per their lucky draw scheme for Christmas, I got this gift.

The bank delivered the laptop to my doorstep through courier.

And how do you feel about it?

Upon receiving it, I was on cloud nine, because I never expected such a gift for free.

I felt good about it because I experienced a paradigm shift in my life after its arrival. Earlier I used to work on a desktop, and I had to sit in my study room all the time.

Due to my laptop, I have the freedom to do work in the room of my choice. Because of this, my performance has enhanced substantially. During the rainy season, I work from the balcony and do work while enjoying the rain. Furthermore, sometimes I do work while watching tv in my bedroom. During meetings, I carry it with me for presentations.

Moreover, this gift has saved me a lot of money. A good quality laptop costs around one hundred dollars. I was saving money to buy it. And by getting it for free, I have saved funds, which I will utilize for paid training for my field of study.


Although hard work is of utmost importance, getting things free has its charm, because they make you feel special and go, lucky person.

Sample Answer 2


Although I am not a lucky person, recently I got a gift.

What it was?

The gift was a two night and three days stay at a luxury resort in the hills of Mussorie.

Who did you receive it from? 

I received it from the Club Mahindra holidays.

Where did you receive it? 

Last year I was doing shopping at Walmart. During that time, a guy approached me, and he asked me to fill out a form for a lucky draw coupon.

Although I was apprehensive regarding filling it, I completed the form. Within a few days, I got a call from Club Mahindra, and they invited me for a presentation.

When I had reached the presentation venue, the concerned executive provided me with two nights and three days gift vouchers.

And how did you feel about it?

After receiving the package, I was on cloud nine because my dream of enjoying holidays at a luxury resort got fulfilled.

I immediately made the booking and rushed to Mussorie. The resort had all the facilities like a swimming pool, snooker table, steam and sauna bath. I had a gala time there, and I made a few friends.

Moreover, every night, the resort organises a cultural program to entertain the guests. I took part in the folk dance and singing competition. I also played cricket with a ball throwing machine.

The service inside the resort was impeccable. The staff members left no stone unturned to make my stay comfortable.


The hospitality provided by the resort authorities made me feel like a king.

Sample Answer 3


Although I have received numerous free products, one such gift changed my life.

What it was?

It was a book by the name of “Atomic Habits.”

Who did you receive it from?

I received it from Amazon company as a part of their special offer.

Where did you receive it?

The company delivered the book to my home.

And how do you feel about it?

When I received the book, I was not enthusiastic, and it kept lying on my bookshelf for one year. However, during the corona pandemic, I was free at home and decided to make prudent use of time, by reading it.

When I started reading it, I became addicted. From a lazy reader, I turned to a voracious reader. This book is a must-have for those who wish to bring a paradigm shift in their lives. The step by step approach of this book can lead our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory.

Firstly this book has taught me the significance of discipline. There is no denying this conviction that following a stringent routine can help us achieve significant traction in our careers because consistency empowers us to think beyond the conventional domain.

Moreover, the wisdom gained from this book has made me realize the significance of having productive habits in our lives. It is intuitively true that our habits make or break us. So by replacing our bad habits with good ones, we can attain success.


The teachings of this book would always remain etched in my memories.

Sample Answer 4


In this contemporary epoch, inflation has made inroads in our lives. Due to this reason, people have to run from pillar to post to make both ends meet. In such a scenario getting something for free provides us with a sigh of relief.

What it was?

Last year I got infected by the Corona Virus, and at that time, I received a medical kit free of cost.

Who did you receive it from?

I received it from the state government of Punjab, and the kit’s name was “Fateh Kit”.

Where did you receive it?

As I was at my home under quarantine, the administration delivered the kit to my doorstep.

And how do you feel about it?

The kit helped me to come out of the unfortunate situation. Firstly, it had sufficient study material to read about the Coronavirus. The knowledge gained from that content supported me to fight the disease adroitly.

Secondly, due to lockdown, I lost my job and did not have much money to spend on treatment, and the kit had masks, oximeter, thermometer, vitamin c tablets and many other things. The total cost of the package was around 100 dollars. Having such material for free gave me a boatload of confidence to fight the deadly disease.

Lastly, I felt proud of my nation’s government because the authorities left no stone unturned to help me during that terrible period. Not only did I get the kit for free, but I also received regular calls from a doctor to check my health status.

Sample Answer 5


Being a regular customer of various products and services, I get freebies from companies.

What it was?

Recently I got a free pass for a one-week personality development workshop.

Who did you receive it from?

I received it from the gym where I go for a workout.

Where did you receive it?

The gym authorities invited me to a hotel where they were celebrating their 10th anniversary.

And how did you feel about it?

That workshop brought a paradigm shift in my life and made me a better version of myself. Firstly the trainer taught us how to handle the conflicts adroitly. It is intuitively true that we all have pressing problems in our lives, and overthinking could lead us to the wrong path.

The training provided in the class has helped me to solve the grave issues in my life skillfully.

Moreover, I have realized the importance of small actions in our lives. Before the training, I used to believe that, I need to do something big to lead my life towards an impressive growth trajectory. However, the trainer helped me think beyond the conventional domain. And he appraised me regarding the significance of small steps in our success.

These days I live a simple life, and I take small actions daily to get success. My motive is to bring massive changes by taking tiny steps.

Now, I am a changed person, and the credit for this goes to the free personality development training workshop.

Follow up Questions

Here are some examples of follow up questions that the examiner might ask during your speaking part 3 related to cue card “  Describe something you received for free  ”.

1. Do you think people should pay for higher education? Why?

I believe that those who can afford must pay for higher education. There is no denying this conviction that higher education leads our lives towards an impressive growth trajectory. Therefore, it is highly imperative to pursue it at any cost.

However, those who do not have the funds to pursue higher education must get financial support from the government.

2. Is it good or bad for people to have a free education in the future?

Education is a fundamental right. It is intuitively true that only those nations experience holistic development which has the system to provide no education to the students. However, I firmly postulate that it should be made free for those sections of society who cannot afford it. Those who have the potential to pay should not burden the government by asking for free education. On the other hand, those who cannot afford it should get it for free.

3. What gifts do companies usually give to their customers?

Companies usually provide two types of gifts to their customers. First are monetary gifts which come in the forms of discounts and cashback. Business entities issue such discounts on festivals and other important days.

The second category is non-monetary discounts. Such offers come in the form of freebies. They usually come in the form of one plus one free. Or there are coupon schemes where lucky customers get a prize.

4. Why do customers like to receive gifts from companies?

Customers like to receive gifts from the company because they feel special after getting gifts. Moreover getting free gifts makes them more inclined towards the products and services of that company.

5. How does distributing freebies help the companies?

In the contemporary epoch, there is fierce competition in every field. Due to this, companies have to think beyond the conventional domain to churn more sales. In such a scenario, giving freebies to prospective buyers is a prudent approach because it allows organisations to have direct contact with the consumers.

Hence, it is worthwhile to distribute freebies to prospective customers than spend a boatload of money on advertisements.

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